19 July 2023

Starting to feel like my old self

 Last time I posted I was taking a day off from BODi because of no coffee and a tiredness and heaviness in my legs. That was last Thursday. The good news is that I jumped right back into exercising on Friday. Yay me!!! The bad news is that I ended up taking Saturday and Sunday off from exercise. Saturday we were having friends over and I needed to do some cleaning up before they came. Sunday I have no reasons for. I just got up and started working on school work and never did anything. I didn't even walk Mavy that morning. In my defense, I did oversleep slightly and it was freaking blazing hot already by the time I did get up. But that is no reason why I could not have done my workouts inside. Anyway, what's done is done and can't be changed so move on. 

I got up Monday morning and jumped right into working out. I walked Mavy, then walked the canal, the came home and did BODi workout. Felt really good all day too. Well, except for the heat, but that is another story. 

Tuesday I got up a little earlier and walked Mavy before the sun was fully up. Then I walked the canal as the sun was rising and it was much nicer. It was still 90+ degrees out, but at least there was some shade and the sun wasn't beating on me directly. Came home and started week 2 of the beginner's workout in BODi. Then I had to get dressed and head into school. I needed to do some work in my classroom and yesterday was pretty much the only day I didn't have doctors appointments or other things to do. So I went into my classroom and spent about 3 hours moving furniture. That was brutal. Now, I do have to note some things. When I went into my classroom to move everything out so they could do the floors, I spent about the same time moving things and my legs were killing me. Killing. Me. I had actual, physical pain in my legs and feet. I was toast for the rest of that day. Another day I went in to move the other science rooms and the same thing happened. I was absolutely dying, I was in so much pain in my feet and legs. I don't know exactly what caused that pain. Granted I had been pretty immobile for a week or so after school ended, but that was excruciating pain. I did not have that kind of pain after graduation and I was on my feet literally all day that day. I'm not sure what caused it exactly. I also suffered some similar pain when we were in Yellowstone. We spent most of the day in the car and when I would jump out to take a picture or something, my knees were really stiff and my legs hurt. But I did not have pain like I did the day I'm moved the classrooms. Since we've gotten back from Yellowstone I've been moving a lot more than I did before we left. My legs have been giving me all kinds of grief with knee pain and tiredness and just general pain. However, yesterday, after moving my furniture for almost 3 hours, my legs felt pretty darn good. Were they tired? Yes. I also had some heaviness in them. But there really wasn't any pain. At least not pain like I've experienced before. So yesterday was a good day. 

This morning I woke up a little early again. Got Mavy out before the sun was up and I headed out on my canal walk before it got bad. Again, the temp was over 90F even before the sun came up. Trying hard not to complain, but I'm over this. Anyway, after the canal walk, I sat around for a little and the debate started in my head. Maybe I won't do BODi today, maybe I'll take a break, it's hot and all. I didn't let that voice influence me. After Hubby left for work, I jumped up and fired up the workout. Today was cardio and there was lots of jumping. I did not do most of the jumping but I was able to do a little and I'm very excited about that. Also, last week I could not do a lunge without holding on to the chair. Today I stood near the chair in case I needed it, but I didn't hold on that much. So I noticed a lot of improvement between last week and this week and that made me happy. 

So I do still believe that the human body will fight like Hell to resist change. I believe my body has been fighting my new exercise routine. I also believe that my body is realizing it's not going to win this one. And that makes me happy. 

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