25 July 2023

Well, the heat took me out

 We are on day 26 of temperatures over 110F and day 16 (I believe) of nighttime temps over 90F. Do you know what it is like to never feel cool. That's not completely true, we have AC. But to step outside, no matter what time of the day or night, and it's just freaking hot. That is horrible and frankly a bit soul crushing. It's almost impossible to do anything outside. Any. Thing. It's freaking horrible. Even the pool is warm. It's like getting into a bath tub. Yuck!!! So honestly, that knocked me off my streak of walking and working out. Also, school is getting ready to start and I don't have hours to do that in the morning. So what to do? I still need to workout in spite of the 4million degree temps. And let's be honest, I'm not going to workout at home because this room is super hot. Super. Hot. 

The other day I came across an ad for Tempe Fit Body Bootcamp. It had a deal, $28 for 28 days. So I decided to give it a try. Yesterday was my orientation and my first class. It is similar to Crossfit, but a little scaled down version. It consisted of 4 blocks of 2 exercises each. So A block was pull-ups and inchworms. We would work for 28 seconds of pullups then get 14 seconds of rest. Then it would be 28 seconds of inchworms and 14 seconds of rest. We would alternate like that four rounds, then move on to the next block. There were a total of 5 blocks. It was good. I enjoyed it. And I will be going back on Wednesday. 

I have to get these preconceived notions out of my head. I enjoy working out in a group like that. I enjoy having others suffer with me. I enjoy the encouragement and the comradery of the group workout. I really, really enjoy having everything programmed for me and not having to think about what to do. But I tell myself I don't like the community. I don't like the events and gatherings and things like that. The truth is that I might. I never really allowed myself to get involved and see if I liked them. I always assume that I don't have anything in common with these people. That I am somehow different. I'm not. Especially in this group. This group consisted of older women and overweight people. It felt good to be among my own. I read some success stories from this location and it's really inspiring. I want to be inspired by real people, who live and function in the real world, not some gym rats who spend all their time in the gym. Or some young studs who have the body through the grace of genetics. I want to be inspired by people who are working, raising families, struggling to get their workouts in, just like me. And this group did that. 

This morning I'm a little bit sore and have a feeling the soreness will increase as the day progresses. That's okay. I'd rather be sore from working out than in pain from doing nothing. 

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