11 August 2023

And here we are 3 weeks later

 So I started FitBody Bootcamp 3 weeks ago and it's been good. I like the short, 30 minute workouts. They are short but tough. I find myself being able to do things that I wasn't able to do just 3 weeks ago. I found myself really taking it easy in the workouts initially. I was so afraid of hurting myself. But on Monday I pushed myself a bit and it felt good. In an interesting turn of events, I get sore during the workouts but then the soreness doesn't really stay around. I have been getting in the pool as soon as I get home from a workout and maybe that is helping? Maybe I'm not working as hard as I think I am? I don't know. What I do know is that every time I felt a little muscle soreness, it was gone by the next morning. Maybe muscle memory? 

I went on Monday but I did not go on Wednesday. My back was tweaking a little bit and I just didn't want to push it. Plus, I was tired. So very, very tired. I thought about going yesterday but again - tired. So I came straight home and worked on some stickers. I am going this afternoon and I think I'm going tomorrow morning. I feel fabulous when I do go and so I need to push the tired aside and just do it. It does help with the tiredness too. I actually fell asleep in my car the other day in front of the gym (I had gotten there early) and really did not feel like working out. After the workout though, I felt great. I have to remember that. The good news is that the class I can make is 4:45pm. This allows me time to get some things straightened out at school and still make it to class. I'm not rushing to get there. It gets me home about 5:30pm which is not horrible. Right now we head into the pool for 20-30 minutes and then eat dinner. Once it gets cooler (if it ever gets cooler) we won't be doing the pool thing. 

I have a terrible of getting caught up in the numbers. I hate it. What I did in the previous paragraph annoys me. Leave school by 4pm, class at 4:45, home by 5:30ish, pool for a bit, dinner by 6:15, 30 minutes to relax on couch, clean kitchen, watch one show, bed by 8pm. Why am I so concerned with how much TV time I get? I'm so worried that I have enough time to sit on my ass on the couch and do nothing. Why? Why do I place such a high value on that? Does it do anything really, really good for me? NO! Working out will help me lose weight and get more energy. Eating well will fuel my body and help me lose weight and get more energy. Relaxing is important, but I don't need an hour every night on the couch. I don't. Yes, I like shutting my mind off after a workday but I don't need to sit on the couch to do that. Also, I have proof that sitting on the couch is not good for my body. When I sit too long my back hurts. Sometimes my knee hurts. Sitting there is not good for me. I can relax without spending hours on the couch. Okay, so I need to chance my perspective and think of it as things I need to do, but remove relax from that list. Do you know how much better I sleep if I have been busy all day and then relax in bed? Yeah, I need to stop watching the clock and just do the things that I know are good for me. 

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