18 August 2023

A hodge podge of thoughts

 It's been about a week since I posted and things have happened. 

So I have been trying to shift my focus and not be so concerned with how long I get to relax between when I get home or when I go to bed. It is just ridiculous to focus on that and to be upset that I don't get to sit on my butt for hours at a time. So I've been working on shifting my focus. At the same time I'm limiting what I do at night. So I don't get involved in my crafting because that will keep me up for hours. I just focus really on family time. I swim with Hubby, I hang out with the dog, we eat dinner, and then watch a show. By then it is usually 7 or 8 and it's time for bed. Since I do place a high value on sleep, I have no problem going to bed then. Hey, I'm a work in progress. 

Last week I ended up not going to the gym again. My back was tweaking and I did not make time to go to the chiropractor. So that meant no gym. I did however jump right back in on Monday and I went again on Wednesday. I will also be going today, so yay me!!!!

Guess that was really it for the week. Other than working, that's all I've been doing. 

I do have to talk about my new laser. I have a craft show next week and while I was cruising facebook last week an ad for a portable laser popped up. It was small and only $39. Well, I've been around long enough to know a scam when I see one, but it did get me to thinking. So I hopped on Amazon and started looking for portable lasers. Most of them are $300-$500 and I don't want to pay that much for one. But as I'm looking I found this little one for under $200. So I read it over and read the reviews and thought, this would be perfect to bring to craft fairs to personalize things right on the spot. I could bring this little laser and a small power supply and boom, I can customize immediately. So I ordered it. I figured I'd get it, check it out and see what the scoop was. Well, it is tiny. It measures 6" x 6" x 6".  But it works. I engraved something last night. It freaking works. So I sat down and found a small, lightweight power supply that I could charge and bring with us to craft fairs and I found a solar charger. This way we can set up the solar panels at the fair and keep my power supply charged for the laser. I need to practice with it and make sure I can work it right. Also, need to learn how it runs so that I can do customizing quickly. But I am stoked. I need to make some ornaments and car fresheners now that can be customized. Also, need to make signs that advertise on the spot customization. So stoked. In order to do well at these craft fairs, you have to have something that sets you apart from the other vendors. I think this will do it. 

In other news, Hubby got an invite to his grand niece's first birthday party in September. We've decided we are going to go. It's rare that his family invites him to anything, so when this came through I said let's go. We will be taking a day off school for it. And while we are up there we are going to visit my family too. That's why we need an extra day. So yeah, that will be fun. I don't want to take Maverick, so I need to start working on a boarding facility for him. I will need to go there first and check it out, then I will need to take him there so he can check it out. I would also like to board him overnight for a time or two before we leave for 4 days. Need to get on that. 

Okay, all caught up on my week. Time to get the day started. 

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