02 September 2023

A few things to go over

 First off, last weekend kicked my butt. We had a staff meeting on Friday, so that meant up and at school by 9am. Then sit around for 4 hours talking and listening. Bull. Then I came home and dug into the craft fair stuff that was happening on Saturday. I worked almost all day on that. Then Saturday came and I was up early and dug in again. The craft fair was a night event, so we didn't have to leave until 2pm. But it was slow and definitely not worth the money or the time to do it. I think I made $50 and it cost me $150 to get into it. Definitely not worth it. Then Sunday was the fantasy draft, so we went over to a friends for the draft and to hang out. It was nice but it was long, we didn't get home until after 6pm. So I was exhausted last week. I just could not seem to get my energy up at all. It was hard. 

Which led to why I'm actually here. I worked out on Monday and that was it. I did the same thing the week before. I signed up for two more times but didn't go. I was so exhausted, I would come home from school and lay on the couch and pass out for a bit. That's kind of unusual for me. I definitely rest after school, but I don't really take naps anymore. So I knew I was really, really, really tired. I was supposed to go yesterday and ended up napping on the couch. So I'm working on convincing myself to go this morning. I have nothing to do today. I had nothing to do yesterday except Costco shopping and I'm feeling much better now than I did on Thursday. So I've gotten some rest, which I desperately needed. I'm feeling pretty good this morning, though still a little tired. They have classes this morning at 7am, 8am, and 8:45am. We literally have nothing to do today, so I could go to any of those. But my mind is also telling me that I could use some more rest. I could rest today and start fresh on Monday (yes, they are open on Monday). I could go Monday and Tuesday. But then again I could go today and Monday and Tuesday. I'm going to go today. I want to get my energy levels back up and I know that working out will help with that. So I think I'll go to the 7am class. I just booked it so I will need to get moving. Have to get dressed and walk Mavy before I go. Yeah, let's just do this. I have the rest of the day to laze around. 

Quickly. In other news, I've decided to revamp my lunches. I've been eating salad with chicken and meatballs for well over a year now. I'm over it. I cruised Costco and Trader Joe's yesterday and got some stuff to make bowls for lunch. I got rice mixes, frozen veggies, meatballs, falafel, roasted corn, things like that. I will put together bowls that I can just heat up and eat for lunch. I'm kind of excited about that. Something different and hopefully healthier for me. I'm looking for more energy if you haven't guessed. 

I just changed my workout to the 8am one. I realized that I only have about 45 minutes to dress, walk the dog, and get there and I don't want to be rushed. I have all freaking day. 

Anyway, back to the food. I believe that part of my tiredness is that I'm not eating enough. Specifically enough protein. Yes, teaching is tiring. But all last week I was freaking exhausted. Like had a hard time making it through the day exhausted. So I need to review my lifestyle. I need to workout and I need to eat better. So I'm working on all of that. 

It's funny how quickly I fell into old habits once school started. I was doing pretty well before school but things really just fell apart once school started. Old habits just never seem to go away. I really need to be mindful and keep a lookout for them. 

Okay, enough. I'm going to have another cup of coffee and walk the dog and get ready to go workout. 

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