25 August 2023

Another week down

 So I made it through the week. I do feel my energy levels increasing and that's a good thing. I did not make it to work out this week and that's a bad thing, but it's easily rectifiable so no beating myself up over it. 

I have a craft show this weekend. I've been focused on getting things ready for that and as usual, I change things up at the last minute. I had initially thought that I would focus on everyday things - tumblers, water bottles, etc. Then the other day I decided to add some Halloween and Christmas stuff into the mix. So I've been scrambling to get those made. I've also been trying to come up with ways to make my new, little laser easy to use. My thought is to make jigs for the things I want to engrave and then I can just put them in the laser and engrave away. It's proving to be not as easy as it sounds. So I'm working on that. Then today I have a staff meeting from 9-noon. Really??? Today????? So it is 5am and I am up and running the laser already. Getting things cut so that I can paint them later. I'm a little stressed but I am also of the mindset that I can only do what I can do. So I just need to get things done today. Thankfully Hubby is golfing with friends and then they are all coming over here. Yay!!!! He will be occupied and I can focus on my lasering. 

Okay, that's really all I have to say so I am out. 

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