27 January 2024

Back to our regularly scheduled program

 School is back on full time and that means I'm a little busy during the week and can't get here. Yesterday we had to take Mavy to get fitted for his brace. Then we had a guy come over and help us file a claim with our homeowners insurance for room damage during the big wind storm we had a while back. If it all works out, and I'm still unsure of it, we will be getting a new room and having the insurance pay for it. That would be awesome and we would basically be done with the house. Oh, we would need to get it painted, but then we would be done. So as I said, I'm still on the fence about this working, but the guy seems really sure he can pull it off. I mean it was damaged in the storm and we could definitely use a new roof, so yay????

Mavy got his brace yesterday. I think it's fair to say he hates it. But he can absolutely walk well in it and get around easily. He'll get used to it. 

I do have something that is bothering me and I'm a little unsure as to exactly why it is bothering me. I have this vision for the science department at school, that we actually have a rigorous, very academic department. Right now we don't really. We have a physics teacher who is a terrible teacher and gives them the answers on tests. We have an 8th grade teacher who has such a negative attitude it drives me crazy. So one way I had thought of to up the rigor and give our students a little more, was having a science fair. My 6th & 7th grade teacher did it last year and it was really, really cool. So the idea was to up it a grade level each year, so this year was 6th, 7th, and 8th; next year would be 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th; and so on. Well, the 8th grade teacher did it this year even though she fought it tooth and nail, she at least had her students do it. But now the 9th grade teacher is balking at doing it next year. He thinks that his projects are better than a science fair - even though they serve vastly different purposes. Talking with him on Thursday really made me angry as it was really all about him - 'it will be more work for me'.  I did talk to the principal about it a little as I left on Thursday. But I've been kind of stewing about it all weekend. So here are my thoughts on the subject. If we say it has to be done I can see him going one of two ways. Either he won't do it at all and that won't be fair to the students who have to do it. Or he'll do a very half-ass job, and I can honestly see him doing that. Either way it won't work out the way I would like it to and I have a feeling it will take a big fight to get anything done. Honestly, I'm not up for a fight like that. I've reached the point where I just want to put in my time and retire in 5ish years. I want to do my job well, but I don't feel the need to take any more classes or even professional development to learn new things. I'm kind of happy with the way things are now and I don't want to have to learn something new. So I see where he is coming from, he's nearing retirement also. But at the same time, I feel horrible because my 6th/7th grade teacher worked hard these last 2 years getting this thing going and laying the foundation for it to continue on. I'm just torn and honestly don't feel like fighting over it. But the principal is into it and the other teacher has put in so much work, I feel bad just letting it go. Today is the actual science fair, so I'm going to talk with the 6th/7th grade teacher and see what her feelings are. I know she was super pissed on Thursday and I don't blame her. I'm going to lay it out to her and get her views on it. I feel bad for her because this was my idea, and she took it and ran with it and has done an amazing job with it, so to just drop it seems to discount all the work she has done. I don't know. I do know that if we have to fight my heart will not be in it. 

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