18 January 2024

Time to get over myself

 Last year I decided that the only way to make my business successful was to do a lot of craft shows. I signed up for a few and ended up doing 3 weekends in a row. That and the end of the semester really burned me out. Not only that, but not really getting to create only make things for the holidays. It really wore me out. I was burned by the time I finished the last craft show and the semester ended. I decided to take some time off - and I mean completely off - and I did, but I haven't been able to get back into it since. We are now midway through January and I really haven't created anything or done anything at all with my website or social media for my business. Nothing. So it's time to get over myself. Yes, it's hard. Yes, it takes time. Yes, I don't really know what I'm doing. So F'in what? I have a great mentor that I'm not taking advantage of. I belong to a great group that I am not utilizing at all. I have access to some really great minds and I'm sitting over here feeling sorry for myself and saying "I don't feeeeeeeeel like it".  Well, guess what? No one cares. No. One. So I need to get back on track and figure things out. I'm going to do that this weekend. I'm going to get my grading caught up today at school and tonight I'm going to sit and lay out a plan that I will absolutely, positively stick to. It will include time for social media, time for creating, a plan on what I want to create, everything. I'm so completely over this inertia that has set in. I'm in control. I can say what I will and will not do. No one can tell me different. 

I need to shift the way I look at things. I have a tendency to focus on how little I have. How little time I have in the evenings. How little energy I have to do what needs to be done. I need to stop focusing on how little I have and start focusing on the fact that I have the time to do X,Y,Z. I've said this before, but I sit most nights and watch TV for at least an hour sometimes more. While I do that, I tend to play with my coloring program. I know that I do that because it is mindless and I don't have to think about what to do. That's great but it's not very productive. I have a computer there and I could very easily pick up the computer and do something simple, like plan social media posts. Respond to comments. Comment on other peoples posts. Or edit photos for my website. Or work on my website. Once I develop a plan for my website - which I still haven't done - putting them in order should be fairly mindless. I have to decide what I want most not what I want in the moment. I need to get over my own fear. 

Okay, enough ass-kicking for today. I'm off to shower and conquer school today and then work on my business. 

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