12 January 2024

Well, it's been a week

 We went back to school on Monday after Christmas break. I actually had a pretty good week. Being prepped and having everything planned makes a huge difference. But, I am already behind on my grading and will need to work on that. I should be able to get everything graded on Wednesday when we get back. 

So yeah, we have a 5 day weekend this weekend. Woot Woot!!!! But, I feel myself falling back into old patterns already. Good things first. 

First, I have been logging my food all week because I need to get a good handle on what I eat. Yes, it counts calories, but I'm more concerned that I get a consistent amount of food every day. I feel that is going to be more important than the actual numbers. And if I'm using the same numbers it should be comparable. 

Second, I went and worked out twice so far. Coming right from school is actually easier than I thought it would be. I don't give myself options, I just go. I stay at school until 3:45 and then head out. That gives me some time to get things done around the room and I am not tempted to head home. Win-win. 

Third, my energy levels have been pretty good all week but I'm afraid that might be an illusion. I got a lot of rest during break and I'm afraid that my energy this week is a hang-over from all that rest. We of course shall see as the semester progresses. 

Fourth, I have not had sugar all week. I have been a little tempted what with the snack cart living in my storage closet, but I have not given in at all. 

Now, for the falling into old habits. 

First, I found myself getting upset in 4th period yesterday. I have a student in there that just rubs me the wrong way and I let him get under my skin. Cannot let that happen. Thankfully I had a small convo with the principal and she supports me and my perceptions so I'm all good. 

Second, I slacked on the grading as mentioned above. My prep is 3rd period every day. On two of those days there is another teacher in my room teaching. Now the days I'm alone, I get an amazing amount of stuff done. But on the days she's in there I seem to fall into a lethargy and I get nothing done. Maybe it's knowing that I really can't move out of my desk, I don't want to disturb the class, or what but it's annoying. Those are the days I should be getting all of my grading done because I can only sit at my desk and not move around the room. I need to work on that mental attitude and make those days I just grade. 

Third, I let myself miss strength training last night for very flimsy reasons. They were as follows: I was tired and it was cold out. Those are not good reasons to miss a workout. But I let them derail me last night. As I was sitting on the couch watching TV, I even considered going. Once I got a little rest, I felt pretty good and it crossed my mind but I was already in my pjs and so talked myself right out of it. I should know that just a little bit of rest will revive me. 

Okay, my word for the year is DO and I need to remember that. I need to DO. 

As I sit here typing this, I'm considering not going to work out this morning. But I believe that I have good reasons for this one. My workout is scheduled for 8am and it takes about 45 minutes. That means I would get home about 9am and I need to be in north Scottsdale by 10am, that's cutting it rather close. But I just checked the schedule and there is a class at 6:30am. Since it is only 5am now, I have plenty of time to make it to that class. Then I'll be home by 7:30 and I'll have plenty of time to get ready and get to my appointment. Okay, that's what I'll do. And it's done. 

I need to be aware of these old habits creeping in and I need to keep on top of them. The fact that I recognized them so early is huge and part of the process to breaking them. 

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