10 February 2024

Sick again

 Before I get into that, I have to say that I have been regularly posting on social media for my business. Yay, me!!!! It's not a lot, it's only been a week, but it's a start. I try to set up posts for two days at a time that way I'm slightly ahead of the game. So I have posts thru Sunday but Monday's will have to wait as I need to see who wins the Superbowl. But that's okay, I can get something ready for Tuesday and even Wednesday and just set up Monday's on Sunday night. So it's off to a start. And honestly, I don't have a program like everyone tells me to have. I don't do X on Monday, Y on Tuesday, blah, blah, blah. I post what works for me. I do want to post a putting together thing of a project. From beginning to end. So I need to work on that. 

But, I am sick again. This is freaking ridiculous. I woke yesterday with a scratchy throat and over the course of the day my sinuses got worse. WTF????? I have now been sick on and off since fall break. That is the most I've been sick. Ever. Something is going on and I probably should have it checked out. But honestly, I'm holding out for April 1st. That's when my Medicare plans go into effect and it is so, so much better than what I have now. On my plan now, my deductible is $5,000 BUT they scale what they will pay and deduct that from the deductible. So for example, I go to the doctor and he charges $500. My insurance will only cover $150 so that's all they apply to the deductible. I may end up paying $150 or sometimes I end up paying $350. So this really, really sucks. I know for my eyes I paid out of pocket well over $5,000 but yet I never hit my deductible. With Medicare my deductible is $248. Yes, you read that right, $248. So while Medicare may do the same thing as regular insurance, only cover a part, I'll still hit that $248 a whole lot quicker than I will $5,000. Plus, I will be going to a clinic that specializes in old people. And they have a team of doctors there to help support you as you age. Definitely looking forward to that. So back to the illness, I should probably go see someone, but can I hold out for another month? Will it make a difference? Don't know so I'll play it by ear. 

I've got my mojo back as far as making goes. I was seriously out of the mood for all of January. But I've got it back and I'm feeling creative again. Actually, I'm feeling more creative than I did before. Which means I need to buy more wood. Which means I need to sell some stuff. Which means I need to get on the social media, which I am doing. It's a vicious circle. 

Okay, enough for now. I'm off to glue some things and maybe fire up the laser. 

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