08 February 2024

Yesterday was a supreme success

 I have been struggling with making social media postings a regular thing. Then I bought this calendar that told me what to post every day, it even gave me copy to use. So I did that for a couple of days and realized that it wasn't me. I was suffering some cognitive dissonance because what this person was writing was so weird and I tried to make it my own and it just came out even weirder. So last night I decided to just post what I felt like posting. I posted my Book Valet as a story (btw I hate stories but apparently they are the way to go). Then I posted my heart/love earrings for Valentine's Day next week. And the best part is I feel really good about it. Really good. I then worked on my website for a while which is something that has been weighing on my mind, so I feel good about that too. I probably only worked on all of that for about an hour and a half. That's all. Once I get into the flow of things I'm sure it will go much quicker. My goal is to get my website back up by this weekend and to be posting on social media every single day. I am using that calendar as a basis and will use the copy for inspiration, but I basically have to do it myself. I have to find my own voice. I have to put in the effort to find my own voice and I think I'm ready to do that now. I have to face the fact that until I get a real routine going, and I get posts made in advance, I will need to force myself to work on this every single night. Yes, there are times when I don't know what to post so what I need to do is create a vault of what to post when I don't know what to post. OMG, that's an awesome idea. A post vault. I also need to keep track of my posts so I don't repeat too frequently. I think I'll set that stuff up tonight and work on my website more. I'm energized and excited about this. Time to quit screwing around. 

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