16 February 2024

Feeling much better

 over the course of the week my illness receded. I can't say it went away because it's still here slightly, but I am definitely feeling better. I am waiting to go back to the gym until I am 100%, I'm thinking Monday. I think that may have been a small part of the problem. I would start feeling good and the first thing I would do is head back to the gym. I'd workout and really push myself and then boom! The illness was back.  So I'm trying something a little different and waiting until it's all gone and I am feeling amazing. In all honesty, that may not be Monday but that's what I'm hoping for. 

I have a 5-day weekend this week. I love, love, love that we have a longer weekend than work week. Love it!!!! That's truly the way it should be. 

Today we are painting parking spots. It was something I was very excited about when it came up, but I just cannot get my excitement up about it. I'm sure it will be fun. I'm sure we will have a good time while doing it. But I'm just not excited about it. Maybe it's because I have been sick. Maybe it's because I'm tired. I don't know. Hubby is excited about it and I'm sure it will be fun. But honestly I'd rather stay home and lay on the couch all day. 

Honestly, my thoughts towards things I have to do have deteriorated and I need to change that. For example, next Friday I have to sit through the Making of America seminar. This is something that everyone in our school has to go to every 3 years. It is long and boring and last all day. I'm am actually dreading it. That is not going to make it any better. In fact, that will make it worse. Much. Much. Worse. So I need to switch my attitude about this. I have to go. I'm going now because I want to get it done. I won't have to go again until 2027. It's one day. No big deal. I will just have to find something to bring with me to do while that is going on. And I'm sitting up in the back so no one can see what I'm doing. 

That's about it. I think my attitude has been kind of crappy because I've been sick so much and not feeling myself. I need to get well so I feel good and get my positive attitude back. 

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