01 July 2024

Imposter syndrome

 Heard a great speech the other day about how women are made to think they have imposter syndrome. Society says women should be X, Y, Z and when you are not you don't know what you are doing and that leads to imposter syndrome. It made sense even though I'm not explaining it correctly. 

I got my first Etsy sale and am getting ready to ship it out. I am struggling because I feel like an imposter. How am I good enough to sell this stuff to people? What if they don't like it? What about the slight difference in color that apparently only I can see? What if... What if... What if....

The truth is I made it to the best of my ability. Is it perfect? No! Is it good, really good? Yes. This person saw it and bought it. It's going to look exactly like the picture in my ad so that's a good thing. Today I am shipping it out and letting it go. I just need to get over myself and hope for the best. 

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