06 May 2008

Meanwhile, the workouts

It's amazing how good a couple of good workouts and a few days of eating right can make you feel. Sunday my stomach was not well at all. I didn't eat anything until lunch time and I kept it pretty light the rest of the day. Yesterday morning my stomach was still a little yucky, but I went back to my healthy eating and kept it a little light again yesterday. Today I woke up feeling awesome. I had a pretty good workout yesterday and today's was good. It seems this week is basically a lighter week in the program. Anyway, I'm feeling great, things are getting back on track and I'm back feeling strong and in control again. I do think I know what went wrong last week. I kind of let my eating get out of control a bit. I had cookies every night and dessert twice. I also ate lunch out 2 days last week. That's something I don't normally do. Anyway things are going well and they will remain so.


Fe-lady said...

Double dessert! Love it! :-)
Just want to let you know that the "Maxxed" drink logo/ad. blocks much of your text when I bring it up on my computer...it's kind of annoying...cause I would rather read what you have to say! :-)

Vickie said...

What's your next event?

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