20 June 2008

All Done!!

I took the test and I did fantastic!!! On the math portion I got 187, I needed 171 to pass. On the reading I got 185, again needed 171. I'm all good. Unless I really, really bombed on the essay portion I should be good to go.

I am glad that is over. I hate the waiting. The build up to the event. I'm find once it starts, but the waiting could kill me.

In other news, they are apparently interviewing someone to take my place at work. Yeah!! It's going to take a pretty long time to get someone trained to handle the lab by themselves like I do, so the sooner they get on it the happier I am. Also, with someone on board I can easily take the time off I'll need to visit classrooms and such. It's all very exciting stuff.

The eating today has not been good. I had my lunch planned, a sandwich at Blimpie's, only to discover that the Blimpie's I wanted to go to was closed. Ugh!!! I had allotted enough time for lunch but not enough time to drive around and find someplace else to eat. The only place nearby, short of a pub, was Burger King. I got a Whopper Jr. meal and had a soda which I haven't had in months. It was yummy. Then when I got home I had 3 small brownies. Thank god my day ends today. Hubby is gone tonight, maybe I'll just have a bowl of cereal for dinner.

Okay, I'm relieved and happy and can relax now. I'm going to watch some trashy TV.


angelfish24 said...

Glad you passed the math and reading test... yeah I'm sure you'll be good on the essay. How long will you have to go to get a teaching degree?
Thx for the comment on the blog...I'll check out that book and maybe the oprah thing. I will have some time this summer to read as the interning doesn't include much homework thank god so I can actually read some books for pleasure not cause I have to.

Cheryl said...

Congratulations on doing so well on the tests! Wow, I haven't been here in a while, but saw you comment on Duane's blog that you were moving to Colorado. I thought... "moving from Hawaii to Colorado? Why in the world would anyone do that?!" But I have gone back a few pages to catch up, and it makes sense now. I hope you find a wonderful place to live there, and get to visit with your family more, have land and animals and a garden, and everything you're dreaming of!

Dr. Iron TriFeist :) said...

Glad to hear the tests went well.

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