26 June 2011

Here we are again

One month later, same problem. When will I learn???? Now I have even less excuses though. I am not teaching full time only summer school 2 hours a day. So I have not excuse for being so out of control. My eating the last few days has been abominable. Lots of crap, high sugar, fat, salt, low in veggies and whole food. Awesome. No wonder I feel like total crap. At this point in my morning I am not hungry and so I am not eating. I am going to wait until I feel hungry before I eat and then I will be eating only whole foods today. No garbage at all. I want to not eat sugar and grains for 1 week. I want to eat only meats and fruits/veggies to see how I feel. I think I have issues with wheat, I've thought that for years, and have significantly reduced my intake. But I haven't cut it out of my life completely and I really, really need to do that.

I'm sitting here looking at a big ole pile of crap on my desk and it suddenly hit me, my whole life has spun out of control. I'm not living it, I'm getting tossed around and battered by it. A huge light bulb just went on over my head. Part of the reasons I eat like crap is because I feel like I have no control. Well, sitting here looking at this pile of paperwork and books and having a mental to-do list that is 3 miles longs is a huge part of the problem. OMG!!!!

Okay, time to regain control of my life. Starting right now. Instead of having a huge to-do list in my head I'm going to make a to-do list on my calendar. I'm going to post it right in front of me and work at it all day long. A few items crossed off my to-do list and I will feel back in control and on the path to strength.

I'm off, things to do.....

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