07 September 2013

Things are looking up

It is amazing what a change of mindset can do for someone. On August 24th I decided to choose happy. Since then I have been reminding myself constantly that I choose to be happy. And guess what? I've been happy. My workouts have been awesome. I've been really trying to push myself and I've been succeeding to a point. I have some real aches and pains. My foot pain seems to finally be going away. My back is slowly getting better. Today my quads are really, really sore. We did 80 wallballs and 45 pistols in the WOD this morning. By the time I was done my legs were shaking.

Things in other areas of my life are looking up too. It is just amazing how much a small change, like choosing to be happy, can make such a big difference. I feel good and I plan on staying this way.

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