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It is time

I'm still in the adjusting phase of returning to school. I come home and some nights I'm really, really tired, other nights I have energy. Adjusting. I have been keeping my eating under control though. 10-grain cereal for breakfast, salad with a meat for lunch, going light on dinner, I'm pleased with my eating. I don't feel stuffed or bloated, I just feel satisfied. So I'm really good on the eating front. Now the exercise.

I ride my bike everyday - to the bus, to school, to the bus, then home. I'm getting about an hour of bike riding in over the course of the day. That's good. But not good enough. My biking totals about 8 miles a day - not very much at all. I need to do more. I planned on doing 10 minute morning workouts last week but somehow that fell by the wayside. I get my things ready the night before and definitely have 10 minutes in the morning so I really have no excuse at all. I'm using stupid excuses. I know one that crossed my mind this wee…

I think I am

I have once again reached the point where I want to work out. I actually enjoy working out. I love doing it and I love, love, love the way it makes me feel. But in times of stress that's the first thing to fall by the wayside. Workouts. I haven't really worked out for the past few weeks due to the thesis and starting school and all the other nonsense, but I think I'm finally ready. My first week is over and while I'll still be tired when I get home, I won't be completely exhausted like I have been. So here's my plan. If I get everything ready the night before: clothes, lunch, bird food; I have extra time in the morning. What if I take that extra few minutes and do a workout? It doesn't have to be an elaborate, hour long workout, it can be a 15 minute kick-ass workout. Basically just a strength workout since I'm riding my bike everyday. What will happen is that I will do that for a few weeks and I'll want to do more. Once I have the desire to do mo…

A dumpster of sugar????