20 December 2014


Yesterday was the last day of school. I am now on break for 2 weeks. Yeah!!! I did not complete my grading as I had hoped, but I have 2 weeks to get that done. I came home and did a bunch of nothing. I was in bed pretty early and slept to almost 7 am. A total of 9.5 hours sleep. That was awesome. The problem with sleeping that much is that I am unmotivated the next day. I did not make it to the 8 am Crossfit, but did force myself to the 9 am. I came home and made myself breakfast and then ate a yucky peanut butter cookie - bleh, not worth it. I am now faced with a pile of reading to do for my work that is due tomorrow. I am also facing a horribly dirty house that needs major cleaning. I'm trying to convince myself that it is okay not to do everything at once, but I don't want to do anything. I don't even want to take a shower. I have zero motivation to do anything at all. I think I just may have to give into the lack of motivation and take it easy today. I still have tomorrow. Plus, if I rest now, I might get some motivation later. Ugh, I just need to recover my energy.....

18 December 2014

Not Waiting

Today was the Christmas party at school. There was really good food and beer. There was a couple of events like this the past week or so. Plus there were finals this week. Makes for a generally crazy schedule. So I had decided to give myself a pass and allow some laxity in my eating and working out this week. So I have not been to Crossfit all week and my eating has been less than stellar. But that ends tomorrow. I could wait until Saturday or even Monday but I'm not going to do that. I plan on making myself a good breakfast and lunch. I am staying at school after finals to do some grading and I want to have food available. Tomorrow night I'm making meatballs for dinner. Then Saturday it is back to Crossfit for 2 solid weeks. I also will be working out at home. I'm going to start a free trial of Daily Burn and do Bob Harper's workouts at home. I say this every break, but this time I really mean it. I will be productive this break. I want to clean the house top to bottom. I want to get serious progress made on my prospectus - enough to turn it in??? I want to get to Crossfit every day. I want to walk the dogs every night possible. I will track my food every day. I need to get a handle on the out of controlness in my life. I also want to get some rest, take it easy, and do some things strictly for fun. Contradictory??? I don't think so. It's all a matter of balance.

Tomorrow I begin with the food. Saturday I add in exercise and school work. Monday the real work begins.

16 December 2014

Last day of teaching

at least for this semester. I was going to write a long post but I just lost interest. I'll try and catch up tomorrow.

14 December 2014


As I sit in the chair here, I dream of being better. A better teacher. A better wife. A better dog mom. A better student. A better person. I am making plans to make that happen. Maybe not all at once, but progress towards those goals. First, on January 1st I am going to start Whole 30. This is a fairly strict eating plan for 30 days. I am going to use it as a reset button to get back on the paleo track. Second, I'm going to spend the break getting ahead of my school work. I want to do assignments ahead so that I don't struggle so much every week. I also want to make huge, huge progress on my prospectus. Huge progress like completing it. Huge!!! I want to do some serious cleaning during the break. I also want to workout a lot. I was seriously thinking of getting Daily Burn on their free trial so that I could do 2 workouts a day. Bob Harper has a new 60 day program on there and I was thinking of doing this in the morning - first thing - and then going to Crossfit in the afternoon. It will be tough, but I will be spending most of the day sitting and writing or reading, so it will balance out. Since they offer a free 30 day trial, I could see if I like it before having to pay for it.

So that's my plan. I am ready to change and I am ready to put the work in to get it done. But right now I need to take a nap :)

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