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Makapuu Lookout

I've decided to entertain you with a post about my walk this afternoon. Rocco and I decided to hike to the top of Makapuu because it was a beautiful and hubby was watching the playoffs.

Here in Hawaii there are lots of sites from WWII. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor the military basically took over Oahu and built stuff all over the place. When they left they left behind lots of cool stuff. This is one of them.

In order to defend the east coast of Oahu they built a lookout at the top of Makapuu. This is the trail to access it. Originally it was used to drive up, now you can only walk. The really nice part of this is that the entire trail is around the edge of a mountain and during whale season (now) you can see the humpbacks out there, very cool.

On the side of this mountain they built these concrete pillboxes. Soldiers would sit in here and keep watch out for enemy planes and ships. I'm guessing they were armed with heavy artillery too but there's no evidence of t…

A fantastic week

That's what I've had. I can not get over how good I'm feeling. I've stuck to my eating plan religiously for 6 days and I just feel incredible. I've also dropped 3 lbs since 12/23 - not too shabby. I'm averaging a calorie deficit of 600-800 calories a day. Since a deficit of 750 will result in a 1.5 lb weight loss per week it seems like I'm right on track.

Tomorrow I have a 5k. I'm looking forward to it because my running is coming along nicely. I'm shooting for a time of around 35 minutes. I don't want to push it but I want to see how I can do. Keep your fingers crossed.

After a small scolding by Linaeover the last post there will be no more negativity here. At least directed at myself. Rereading that post I realize I did get a little carried away. I really was feeling bad about how far my swimming has deteriorated. But I have a new attitude. What I did yesterday was about 2:48/100m. At my best I was doing 100m around 2:15. So that…


Energy = mass x speed of light(in a vacuum). Unfortunately, we don't live in a vacuum, or at least I don't. Otherwise my mass would have a huge amount of energy associated with it. But, in the earth's gravity, no so much. Trust me, I do have a point here.

I jumped out of bed this morning raring to go. Don't know why exactly. For the past few weeks I've been in bed by 9 p.m. and asleep by 9:10 :) I've done this on purpose because getting up in the morning is so tough for me (I'm sure I'm the only one it's hard for :). So by going to bed earlier I make getting up early that much easier. And it's worked.

So last night was a new episode of ER and I wasn't too tired so I stayed up and watched it. I went to bed at 10p.m. a little nervous that I wouldn't get up in the morning. But I actually woke up 1/2 an hour before my alarm was to go off. Cool.

So I got up, made coffee, protein shake, got ready and was out the door 10 mins early. …

100 Days.....

I was over visiting Commodore when I noticed his countdown to IMAZ was at 100 days. Well, the significance of that to me is that it falls on my birthday. I thought, 100 days to my birthday, I should do something. Make some kind of goal or something, but what???....... After thinking about it all day, I've decided to exercise 1 hour everyday for 100 days. Since I have a training plan this won't be hard on most days. On the days that are scheduled rest days I figure I'll take the dogs for a walk or something, they'll love it. So that's it, 1 hour for 100 days.

On another note, I found a tri on my birthday, aside from IMAZ that is. There is a sprint tri here, so I'm in!!

Okay, that's all I have to say. I'm a little tired. I'm swimming in the morning so I'll have to get to bed early tonight.

Oh, one more thing.

Ladyrunner totally rocks!!! She gave me the code that made my video fit nicely and now it looks just awesome. THANK YOU!! Or as we say in Hawaii, MAHALO!!!!!

Two posts in one day, get a life.

I've been reading a lot of blogs these last few days and I just have to comment.

So many people say they don't make resolutions. I say bull. Maybe you don't make them on Jan 1 but most of us, most of the time, are making plans and goals. Particularly those of us who participate in sports. I am constantly reading that someone has a goal of this pace and will be training in X way to meet that goal. Wanting to meet a goal and laying down a plan is a resolution and Jan 1 is as good a time as any to do it.

I've also read people saying that by resolving to do better this year must mean you're beating yourself up for last year. I don't agree. I did okay last year. This year I want to do better. That's not beating myself, that's trying to improve myself and I think that's a good thing to do anytime, why not on Jan 1???

I've also read a lot how resolutions are doomed to failure. Now that I can agree with if it's a resolution that was made at 11:…

Into the great wide open......

So today was the first swim in about...... in a long time. While I love being in the water, I can be a little panicky, especially if I haven't been in awhile. So I decided this mornings swim would be just a swim. No drills, no intervals, nothing fancy, just a swim. And it was, just a swim. I ended up doing 1000m and calling it a day. Oh yeah, since I hadn't been to the pool in a while there was lots of talking and catching up . I was there 40 mins but only swam 1000m, so that's it.

I've been weight training for about 3 weeks now and man, did I feel it when I was swimming. My lats and chest were killing me. But I can feel my catch and pull is stronger. I can actually feel myself being propelled through the water. I can feel the differences in speed when I pull and when I don't. I don't think I've ever felt that before. Cool.

As I was swimming I was thinking about last year. It was 1 year ago I started swimming at the Y pool. Before that I swam in th…


I've found a song that really says what I'm feeling this year, Stand up and be strong. I do these computer things against my will, I hate it. But, I managed to find the video (YouTube, who knew??) and even get it on my blog (I'm a star) but it only shows like half of it. It plays the entire song so I'm not too stressed, but if anyone knows how to fix it the help would be greatly appreciated.


Well, here we are. I feel like I've spent the last few weeks very self-involved. I've spent a lot of posts blabbing about me and what I want, how I feel. I realize this is my blog and the whole purpose it to write those things. But I don't want to come across as a whiner, cuz I'm really not. Anyway, it has helped solidify in my mind exactly what I want so it was worth it. I realized I was looking at doing a couple of things because I felt it was the next logical step. But some of those steps I'm just not ready to take yet so, as usual, I'll make my own path thank you very much.

As expected last night was like a war zone here. The fireworks started around noon and did not end until after 2 a.m. I started drugging the dogs too late so they were pretty hyped up most of the night. Finally, around 7 p.m. we got them to settle down some and the drugs had a chance to work. After that it was all about lying on the couch. One problem I had not anticipated was…

2007: The year to get it done.

This is definitely going to be my year. I've spent the last couple of weeks really inwardly focused determining what exactly I want. What things are the most important to me? How hard am I willing to work for them? Am I willing to be uncomfortable doing them? What am I willing to give up to achieve them? I've got my answers.

The absolute, uppermost, most important thing to me is losing this weight. That is what I want to do more than anything else. In order to do that I'm willing to sacrifice my time, energy, and many things I like (beer). But that's what it boils down to, the number 1 priority is losing this weight.

So that is where the vast majority of my focus is going to be. I have a training plan set in stone (or in this case colored markers) on a large calendar on my wall. I will stick to this plan or die trying. I have a food plan that is not hard or weird or drastic, but very livable. I will stick to this plan regardless of what comes along. I have 1 d…