29 March 2014

Control Freak?? Me???

I have never thought of myself as a control freak, but I'm beginning to think that I am. I have probably said that I'm a control freak, but I didn't ever really, truly believe it until very recently. I know that I like things neat and organized, even though I am not a neat or terribly organized person. But I am getting better. I really prefer things neat and organized, and I find myself straightening and putting things away more frequently than ever before. It just makes doing things so much easier. But I did not realize how that really makes me a control freak. By having everything neat and organized, I'm in control of my environment. By being in control of my environment, I can control other things in my life. It really is a matter of no surprises. And I like that.

If I could show you how I was before, you would understand why this is so shocking to me. I NEVER planned ahead. I lived my life spontaneously. If someone came up with an idea, I was ready to go. I was game for anything at just about anytime. I never planned and I never considered the future. That is why this whole thing is a shock to me. A control freak? Me? But it is true, I am.

The real problem is, this is all new to me so I'm not very good at it. I'm trying to arrange things in such as way so that being neat, organized, and in control is easier than not. But it is hard. I have arranged my desk and computer room and managed to keep it neat and tidy all week. I love it. I started working on the kitchen yesterday and am doing good so far. The spare room was bugging me, but last night an answer presented itself, so I should have that under control next week. I'm excited. I want my house to be neat and organized, well, as neat and organized as possible with 3 big dogs. But I want a routine for keeping it this way. There is this thing called Flylady, who helps keep you organized. I've looked at it before, but never followed through because it felt too overwhelming. Now, it doesn't. I think I might try it again. Her thing is 15 minutes a day. I feel ready now to give it a go.

I've been called a lot of things in my life, but I never thought control freak would be one of them.

26 March 2014

Rest day(s)????

Last week I didn't work out because of the incredibly high stress levels. Monday I went to Crossfit and it was good. But I didn't go yesterday. Or today. Yesterday I was just lazy. Today I met friends for lunch and had beer or two. In truth, the first couple of days of break I am always incredibly lazy. I usually get a small head cold. At least that didn't happen this time. But I am lazy. I have been napping, working on school work, and watching TV. It has been lovely. I'm feeling pretty good though, so tomorrow it is back to business. I'm going to Crossfit in the morning and am going to start working on the spare room. I also have to get a project posted for one of my classes. I will be busy tomorrow. Good. Because I have not been the last few days. Okay, so last night of sloth like behavior. I better get busy being a sloth...

24 March 2014

Feeling like myself again

Yesterday I did not do much of anything. I napped - a lot - I watched Mad Men and I ate. I tried to eat well, even though there were wings and beer involved. I knew that just resting and eating would make me feel back to myself again. So that's what I did. I woke up this morning feeling awesome. No headache. No neck pain. I'm actually feeling a little hungry. Things are looking up. I was going to go to Crossfit this morning, but realized after not doing it for almost a week - it will kill me today. If I went this morning I would probably spend the rest of the day on the couch. And I don't want to do that. So I'm going to go at 4pm. I have to go to school today to drop some stuff off and get money for the DJ, but in between I want to figure out what to do with this house. I need to declutter and change things up a little. So that is my goal today. Figure out what to do with this place. Charlie does not understand why I feel the need to change things. Okay, started thinking about how to rearrange things and got lost in thought. Off to start my day.

23 March 2014

Stress and the human body

Last night was the prom and now the stress is over. What I find interesting is the effects of stress. I have had a mild headache all week. My appetite sucks, I am either not eating or eating junk. My neck and shoulders are absolutely killing me. My back hurts. My knee hurts. And the only thing I really want to eat is candy. I do not like being stressed at all.

I spent today relaxing and trying to get rid of my stress. I have eaten junk, but I've spent much of the day napping and resting. I plan on going to bed early tonight and getting back to normal tomorrow. My plan is to go to Crossfit at 8am. Eat well all day - ultra low carb. And do some things around the house here. Nothing major, nothing stressful, just a quiet day.

I have some spring cleaning I want to do around here. It is time to get brutal and start tossing things. But that is all for tomorrow, today I go back to relaxing...

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