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Getting mind and body together

Okay, I'm back for my regular ranting. I decided that I really needed to post about my original topic because it pertains so much to my well-being.

I am preparing to get serious about weight loss starting on Monday. Yes, I know all about don't wait, do it now, blah, blah, blah. The fact of the matter is that I have to plan what I'm going to do for workouts, when I'm going to do them, what I'm going to eat, go shopping, etc. Just starting doesn't work for me unless all the pieces are in place.

Which has got me thinking about how to succeed. Should I just start working out on my own - which has always worked for me in the past? Or should I consider alternatives since I'm not in the best shape and I have some issues going on? Decisions, decisions. My sister has had success with physical therapy nj and that has really got me to thinking about these things. She is a hair dresser and has some major back issues but has definitely gotten better my working …

What Makes You Eat More Food

What Makes You Eat More Food

I've taken to putting pictures with all my posts lately and while looking around for this picture stumbled across the above linked article on Time magazine. So I'm scrapping the post I was planning and doing a post on this instead.

They list 7 things that make you eat more and I found them fascinating and thought I would talk about them a little.

Time of day - Every morning before school a bunch of us teachers gather in the faculty room. We eat breakfast and socialize. It's a nice relaxing way to start the day. Yesterday I go down there and didn't have anything to eat. Everyone wanted to know where my breakfast was and when I responded that I wasn't hungry they all started in; you have to eat, you'll be sorry later, you can't eat during class. I found this quite interesting. So not only does the clock tell us when we should eat, but apparently our co-workers do too. Then, the worst part of this, after everyone else left I succ…

Boy, was I mad today

Around noon today I got an email from our vice principle asking some completely inane questions that just ticked me off. I ended up getting pretty angry about the whole thing and being pissed off most of the day. The questions he was asking were just bizarre. Why did someone's grade go up? Well, they turned in work..... Duh!!! We keep electronic gradebooks and one of the categories, that administration came up with, is CW or classwork. The way the gradebook is set up you enter the name of the activity and then the category. So it will say something like, Element crossword puzzle, CW. Pretty self explanatory. At least I thought it was. One of the questions in his email was what these CW activities were. Ummm....pretty much what the name of the activity this case it was Chapter 3 essay and Chemical scavenger hunt...It was such a ridiculous question because the information was there and all filled out. Ugh!!! I replied with a pretty blunt email and for all my res…

Must Plan Ahead

Okay, here's a couple of things that, in my mind at least, are contradictions. First, I've heard over and over and over again, don't wait until tomorrow (or Monday, or Saturday or your day of choice here) start today. Start small. Start making good choices. Start now. That's a great idea. I think it's awesome to avoid procrastination and just do it.

On the other hand is one of my favorite quotes, a failure to plan is a plan to fail. And I think that's a little bit of what's happening with me. I know what I want to do, but there is so much going on in my life that I'm not planning and as a result - failing. So while I want to start now, this second, I need to take a few moments and sit down and plan.

Which leads me to my starting over, again. I'm okay with starting over a 1,000 times because at least I'm working at it. I wanted to quit smoking for years and I must have quit 100 times. Finally, it took. I don't know exactly what …