27 June 2009


I have a confession to make. I did not workout again this morning. But this time I have a really good reason. As soon as I got up at 6:30 I started in on my thesis proposal and I didn't stop until I was finished about half an hour ago. I am so thrilled and excited and relieved. It is finally done. Now I can relax a little.

Last night my murdering-drug-dealing neighbors had a little puppy whining all night. These people can't take care of themselves let alone a puppy!! They are such idiots. They were out there early this morning doing yard work. I heard the kid come out with a weed whacker and show the dad. The dad didn't even know they had one!! What fools. That place is such a mess next door it wouldn't surprise me if they found Ferrari parts laying around. Not that any of them could ever afford a Ferrari - none of them work.

Oh well!! I'm not going to think about my idiot neighbors, I'm too happy. I'm going to go play with the birds for a while. 9

26 June 2009

And so it goes.....

Yesterday, due to a complete oversight on my part, I did not workout. I did take the dogs for a walk so at least I did something. Then this morning I awoke in a panic. My thesis proposal was due on Wednesday night and it's not done yet (I have a reprieve until Monday so it's not that bad) and a literature review is due next Thursday. I awoke freaking out a little. But that actually turned out to be a good thing. I got up and sat down at the computer. I did a little bit of research because I was still looking for something and wouldn't you know I found exactly what I needed. I found some fabulous articles that got me rolling on my paper (I was still struggling to get started in the direction I wanted to go in). I printed a bunch of them out and took them to school with me. After my class I had to wait as a friend was arriving from the mainland, so I sat in my classroom and started to work on my paper. With what I found this morning the paper started to write itself. I was so excited. I haven't made hardly any progress in 2 weeks but in 1 hour I wrote 5 pages. Yes!!! I now have confidence that I will finish this over the weekend. Once the birds go to bed I'm going to start on it again and with any luck at all (knock wood) I can wrap it up tomorrow. You have no idea how excited that makes me. I had visions of long sessions at the computer banging my head against the desk. What this all means is that I never did workout this morning either. I didn't even get to take the dogs out. So I didn't work out but I made huge progress on my paper. Tomorrow it's right back into the routine. I plan on doing weights and cardio then I may take the dogs for a short hike. I discovered a whole set of trails nearby that I've never hiked before. I don't know them so I probably should consider looking into gps systems so I don't get lost. Okay, I'm off to try and get the birds into their cages so I can start in on my paper. I love when it's something I look forward to.

24 June 2009

Things are good

It's truly amazing how it works, and how quickly I can forget. I have now worked out 6 days in a row and I feel fabulous. I really look forward to my interval workout, I like to see if I can go faster then the last time. I say all the time that I'm not competitive but I am against myself. I love to see if I can go faster, further, harder, heavier, whatever. Anyway, the food has been good too. See if I workout I want to eat right and if I eat right I want to workout and it's a never ending loop. So yes, feeling fabulous, eating well, working out, life is good. I have been doing my intervals on my elliptical machine. I love my elliptical because I can simulate running with no damage to my body and that sprained ankle from 2 weeks ago just won't seem to heal, so the elliptical it is. I was doing my intervals this morning and the dog was chasing the pedal. I was thinking that I should get a treadmill and I could put him on it then he wouldn't go after me :) Cesar Milan does it!!!! That's it for the moment, I have some work to do before class tonight.

23 June 2009

It all ties together

I only have a couple of minutes before I work out but I wanted to post these thoughts. Everything is connected. How you feel, what you eat, your view of yourself, your view of your comptency, everything is tied together. I've been struggling with getting back on the exercise track and writing the proposal for my thesis, two seemingly unrelated things. Yet, once I kind of forced myself to workout everyday things started falling into place. I feel better, my mental state is better, I have more energy, and other areas of my life are falling into place. I finally figured out how to make my thesis work and I know it's only because I feel so much better in other areas of my life. My complete exhaustion seems to have passed. I did not even get tired yesterday afternoon but worked straight through until it was time to go to class. I've said it before but it bears repeating, we, our bodies, do not exist as separate systems. We can't treat one problem and expect other parts of our lives not to be affected. We are whole, complex organisms that have to be treated as such. When I work out regularly it affects all aspects of my life not just my physical. By the same token when I eat crap it affects all aspects of my life not just my weight. So there you have it, my profound pronouncements for the day. Now I'm off to get my workout in before I move on to the hundred other things I have to do.

22 June 2009

It really is that easy....

Last Thursday and Friday I was dead tired. By 2 pm I felt so incredibly drained that one day I actually laid down and took a little nap. That is unusual for me on a lot of different levels. First, as much as I love them, I don't take naps anymore. I will lie down on the couch with Sammy and watch a little TV, but after about 30 minutes I have to get up and do something. So napping is very strange for me. Second, getting that tired is bizarre. I mean I was bone tired. I felt like I could not move another step. I could not hold my head up. It was horrible. There are other reasons but you get the idea; very strange for me.

Friday I got up and forced myself to work out even though I was just exhausted. Saturday I did the same thing. Yesterday I was actually looking forward to working out. I also felt pretty good yesterday and had my normal amount of energy. This morning I feel great. So, the moral of the story here is, between eating right and working out for a couple of days I've got my energy back. Yeah!!!!

We did our weekly shopping yesterday and had to stop at Long's Drugs for a couple of things. Apparently the Long's by us got one of those new POS systems at the register and the cashier was having a hard time. She kept hitting the buttons like it was the old system and the thing kept beeping at her. I wasn't sure we were ever going to get out of there. These systems seem pretty cool though and they do a lot of things, like take credit and debit cards, that required a separate reader. Anyway, I wasn't tired but I was ready to jump over the counter and figure it out for her :)

Okay, I have to go workout and get some things done before school starts.

21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day

My own dad has been dead for 38 years. He's been gone longer then I knew him. It's sad that I never got to know him as an adult, I understand from my brothers and sisters he was a pretty cool guy. But that's the way it goes sometimes. For all you Dad's out there, Happy Father's Day.

I had an interesting thing happen last night. I did some strength training on Friday and yesterday afternoon I started to get some muscle soreness. The more I relaxed the more sore the muscles became, especially in the ab area. I didn't think too much about it, it was about 36 hours after I worked out and DOMS was setting in, no biggee. Then in the middle of the night I woke up because my ab muscles were in real pain. It was the weirdest thing. Once I woke up and relaxed the pain went away, but it was very strange. I've never had anything like that happen before. Weird. Anyway, I'm off to do my strength training again and some cardio. Then I have a list of chores as long as my arm to do.

And yesterday I wasn't near as tired as I have been, and this morning I feel pretty darn good. Apparently the working out and eating well are starting to take effect. Must continue.....

Monsoon season has arrived

and we got our first rain yesterday. Actually, it's still raining a little this morning. It wasn't a lot of rain, but it was rain....