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Best day of my life

This is my current favorite song and I adore this video. It brings happy tears to my eyes every single time.

This week has not been awesome. My knee swelled up to the size of a basketball (well not quite but almost) and it made walking very difficult because if it's that swollen it doesn't bend right. I tried to ignore it, and I did that because I really had no pain just swelling. That didn't work. So I took Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off of crossfit. It feels a whole lot better this morning, the swelling is gone and it works perfectly. Of course, I considered going this morning but good sense won out and I am skipping Crossfit until Monday. As much as I want to work out, I believe this is the adult thing to do. Yeah me!!!!

Plus, it's not like I have nothing to do today. I'm going to the girl's senior volleyball game at 11:30, I need to pick up some marine stuff from Hawaii Kai, then Bella has a Swissy play date at 2pm. I'll be running all over the i…