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How about now?

I am super frustrated with myself lately. I feel overwhelmed by all kinds of things; money, housecleaning, dissertation writing, school; and yet I do nothing about it. I find myself spending far, far too much time sitting in front of this computer scrolling through Facebook for the 1,000th time or watching completely mindless TV for no apparent reason at all. I put off doing things until they become a huge issue and I wonder why I'm not happy. I have more excuses then Carter has liver pills. I'm not eating right, I'm hardly working out, in fact I'm hardly moving. I'm reacting to things instead of taking action. I'm sick and tired of it. I hate having the dialogue running through my head of what I should be doing while I'm busy doing something completely and totally useless. I delay, procrastinate, make excuses, and then sit and wonder why my life is out of control. I'm done with it. Done. Staring right here and now things change. I cannot continue to …