25 June 2005

It's a good thing I'm a scientist,

because that was yet another failed experiment and it's time to regroup and try again.

So I have this whoel eating plan set out for last week. It involves lots more protein than I normally eat. I was aiming for 40% of my calories from protein and I averaged 30%. My carb consumption stayed up around 30-50% but I was exhausted. By Wednesday I thought I wasn't going to make it through the day so I threw everything to the wind and just started eating. I felt much better almost immediately. I really don't understand it but I can't argue with how I felt. So it's back to the beginning.

Today is WW so I'll go and face the music. Afterwards I'm thinking of going for a trail run. Now I haven't been on a trail since I sprained my ankle on May 14th. I'm a little apprehensive about it but I need to get over it so today is the day. I know I'll be super careful.

As for my weight issues I really don't know what to do at this point. I guess I'm just going to count points and eat right and exercise and just keep it up. I know that if I follow the program eventually the weight will come off so I just have to be patient. I will eat more protein because I don't get enough.

Well, I probably should get moving.....

22 June 2005

Starting Day 3....

Okay, well day 2 went pretty well. I was pretty hungry most of the day yesterday and ending up eating 1 piece of chocolate. When I wanted more I pulled out the grapes and devoured them, so that was a success.

Last night I went for a 17 min swim, the first swim in a little over a month and was it brutal!! I did it but it was tough. Afterwards I did my new strength training routine which requires me to work the muscles to failure for 3 sets. So I do the first set with 10 lbs and 15 reps; the second set is 12 lbs and 10-12 reps; the final set is 15 lbs and 8-10 reps, or however many reps it takes to cause the muscle to fail. It's as hard as it sounds and I'm a little weak this morning. I'm not sore, it just takes concentration to lift my arms and I can not hold them up for any length of time. I had scheduled an aerobic session this morning but because of my weakness I decided to cancel. I'm only just getting back into a regular routine so it's okay to let my body dictate the frequency of exercise. I'm supposed to swim tonight, that should be interesting.

I'm really feeling good. I think the extensive planning really helped. I just look at my journal every morning to see what I'm eating that day. I think I will have to do this every week. The key here is that I have to follow through. I have realized I am ultimately very lazy and I need to fight that everyday in all things. I'm doing really good this week so I need to keep doing this even if it means spending 2 hours planning the following weeks. 2 hours that I would rather be doing something else. Okay, enough self-flaggelation. Time to get some work done.

20 June 2005

Day 1 went well..

The day is over, essentially, and I thought I'd take a moment and note how it went. I stuck to my eating plan and was not hungry all day. I did get a little hungry after I got home but that was because my apple was bad so I didn' t get my planned afternoon snack. I had a couple of slices of turkey after walking the dog and that worked fine.

I had the eggs & oatmeal for breakfast and that was not so good. Tomorrow I'll have the breakfast burritto. The cottage cheese with sweetener and cinnamon is awesome. I love it. I haven't found the perfect food to use it with but I'm looking. Everything else went really well and I'm very pleased. I think this is going to work.

Well, I'm really tired so I think I'll hit the sack early.....

Granted, it's early on Day 1 but I'm feeling really good.

I got up this morning and had my protein shake, then did Crunch Dance Party, and had breakfast when I got to work. I have all my snacks and lunch ready and I think it will be a good day. It helps that I ate so much garbage over the weekend that sweets sound gross to me.

I spent the last 4 days getting ready to start this Body for Life challenge and I have to say, I've never spent this much time getting ready for anything since I finished college. I ready a number of websites, I read the book, I looked up receipes, I started a journal with all kinds information in it to keep me going, I sat and planned out meals and exercise for the entire week. I don't have to think about anything, just follow my journal. I think that's what was missing from my previous efforts. With Weight Watchers I had a lot of weight to lose and so doing the program kind of half-assed still worked. Now that I'm so close to my goal I really have to get strict with myself. Well, I'll see how this week goes.

I also realized that I don't REALLY believe that I can do this. I have developed a vision of what my final self will look like and I think I don't really believe it's possible. I've been doing this for a very, very long time and I think that may be undermining my thoughts. I think, "Well, I haven't done it so far why would I do it now???" Now logically I know that's not true but deep down I think that's what's lurking there. I need to find a way to dig those negative thoughts out and get rid of them, but they are buried pretty deep. I guess I will just keep telling myself that I can and will do this and eventually the negative thoughts will go away. I will work on positive self talk every single day.

Okay, I really have some work to do. I'm off to talk myself skinny :)

19 June 2005

It's now time to face the music.

I've really been avoiding this place because I've been afraid. Afraid to admit that the way I'm doing things is not working. I use plenty of things as excuses, my period, lack of funds, lack of time, lack of motivation. But you know what, it's all bullshit. I've not been following any real plan and I've been using my injuries as an excuse. Yesterday I ate till I hurt and that's not good at all. I have had absolutely no motivation to follow through with something I start and that changes right here right now.

I have spent the last 3 or 4 days researching Body for Life and planning for the upcoming week. I have decided part of the problem was what I eat. Even though I eat pretty good, lots of fruits and veggies, I realized that I do not get enough protein and I exercise way too much for what I eat. So I've put together a triathlon training plan, Na Wahine in 13 weeks, and a marathon training program, Honolulu in December. So I have an exercise program that will take me through December if I want; of course it is open to interpurtation and alteration as necessary. I have also incorporated rest days, something I really have a hard time with. So I think I'm ready on the exercise front.

I have also spent the last 3 days reading all I can on the BFL eating plan. I have decided to give it a real try. Today I'm going shopping for all I need for the week; it's not really that different since I do eat really, really good. I'm going to eat 6 small meals a day 2 to 4 hours apart. I have it all planned out. I'm also starting the day with a protein shake and stopping eating at 7:30 pm. That's 2.5 hours before bedtime. BFL allows 1 free day per week but I don't think I'm gonna take it every week. I think I'll take 1 free meal a week and 1 free day every few weeks. I know for me that the best way to avoid binging on sweets is to not eat them. If I stop eating sweets I stop craving them so that's the way it's going to be. If I decide to have some sweets I will buy a one serving size and that will be that.

So, I think I'm ready to start. I usually feel all fired up when I start something new and this time I don't........ I think I'll just have to plod through for the first couple of days. Once I start to feel good I'll get inspired. It's a matter of mind over matter........

So, tomorrow Week 1 begins in a 12 week program......................................

Be careful where you step.......

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