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Saturday at the Expo

So today was the Expo for the Great Aloha Run. This run is really a run for everyone. There are no cutoffs and the course will stay open as long as someone is out there. It's a great, non-runner friendly race and I really enjoy it. It was the first race I did when I started my healthy journey 10 years ago and it's still one of my favorites. They get over 20,000 runners every year and it's a blast. It ends inside Aloha Stadium (if you watch the ProBowl that's where they play) and it is a giant party; music, food, entertainment, give-aways, it's really great. So in their effort to draw in non-exercisers they have a 3 day health and fitness expo. This year they changed it up a little and it was really nice.

I got up this morning and had my coffee while hanging with the bird. After a while I went off and did my weight training. It's amazing how you improve with weights fairly rapidly, I like seeing progress. Anyway, after the weights I had planned on runnin…

I hereby declare this a new start!!!

I was reading back through my posts and discovered that I have been dealing with this whole animal situation for 3 weeks. It ends here and now. Rocco is all healed and doing well. We will have to keep an eye on him and check for lumps for the rest of his life but that's okay, I can live with that. The bird is adjusting, slowly, but adjusting so we're good on that front. So this is it. I hereby declare today the end of all bullsh*t.

In the spirit of new starts, tomorrow I start my workouts again - with consistency and feeling. I have to say my back is much better. I haven't really done anything but some stretching and ibuprofen. It worked. My back is much, much better. See, I didn't need no stinking doctor :)

Anyway, I've been reading everyone's blogs and getting very jealous. Even though some of you are in the frozen tundra you guys are still managing to get your training in. Very good!!! That's determination!!!! So I'm taking a page out y…

Some random thoughts.

I was driving to work listening to some guy talk about an NBA player who has written a book about being gay in the NBA. I don't know who the player is, basketball bores me to tears, nor do I care. What I wonder about is why do I need to know he's gay?? Why do I need to know any one's sexual orientation?? If that's all that defines you I feel sorry for you! There are people I know that I can honestly say I don't know if they are gay or straight and it doesn't matter to me at all. I like them for who they are not who they sleep with.

I have the same problem with people who constantly bring up skin color. BarackObama is a perfect example. The media keep referring to him as the black presidential candidate, while folks like Al Sharpton say he's not black enough (okay, I'm not sure who said that but someone did). First off, his mother was white so he's not full black. More importantly, who the hell cares what color he is??? He could be green wit…