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Unconditional love

I've been working hard on this for a couple of weeks now. I find myself saying I'm fat or whatever, and I immediately follow that with 'that's okay.' I find I am no longer beating myself up for things like eating 1/2 a package of cookies. Yes, I ate 1/2 a package but I haven't had cookies in months. I would rather have a bunch at once then eat some every day.  I have taken to wearing 2 piece bathing suits when it's just me and Hubby. I'm very comfortable wearing them now. I haven't weighed myself in weeks. Weeks. And I'm okay with that. Self-love is not easy, especially when you've spent a lifetime hating your body. But I'm working on it and I'm definitely making progress.

Which leads to this. Since I am becoming more accepting of myself and not beating myself up so often, I find that the excuses are falling away. I find it easier to do the things that I need and want to do because I'm coming from a place of love and acceptance.…