21 June 2014

Fall 7 times get up 8

Trying not to let the last week drag me down. I was just getting back into the groove of Crossfit when I got sick. I was feeling good and working hard. I had figured out how to manage the knee and it was feeling pretty awesome. Then a week on my back blew everything up. So, rather than get down about it, I'm trying o use it as a learning experience. How to comeback from an unexpected week furlough. I'm trying.

I did go to Crossfit yesterday and it was as hard as I imagined it would be. But I got through it and didn't die. I'm going again today even though I would rather not. But I need to get back into that groove I was in. The knee is really bothering me after yesterday. I have it taped and I bought some new shoes, hopefully these things will help it. But, let's sing the refrain together, I need to up my activity levels. I am sitting around too much and I don't like it. I've given myself a pass for the last week, but starting today I get moving. I'm going to Crossfit this morning. After breakfast and a shower, I'm going to walk on the treadmill while I read my book for my paper. I may run over the hill to Bed, Bath & Beyond and to Bath and Body Works. I want to get some stuff and I may do that today. If not definitely tomorrow. I also want to write my paper today and get my discussion posted. All the reading will be done on the treadmill and maybe some of the writing too. I will also be walking the dogs today, long walks for everyone. I'm looking forward to today. Oh yeah, there are dinosaurs at Windward Mall. I want to go see them too. I just need to keep busy. As soon as I slow down I start getting lazy and losing all motivation.

Off to get ready for Crossfit.

19 June 2014

Living in the moment

I have a habit of not being in the present. I don't know why I do it, but I do it. A. Lot. So I'm working on being in the moment. Paying attention to here and now. Not worrying about the future or fretting over the past. The reason this comes up is because today, for some reason, I keep thinking about getting fired. Things I didn't say. Things I should have said. Things I shouldn't have said. I don't know why it's been popping up a lot today, but it has. I need to let it go. What is is. I can't change what happened. It is over and done. So I need to just focus on the now. Of course being sick doesn't help. Too much down time, too much time to think. So no more. The past is the past and the future is unwritten. Also, as of tonight I am officially done being sick. I hate being sick and this one has lasted longer than I thought it would. But as of tonight I'm done. Tomorrow morning I go to Crossfit and no more naps!!!! Okay, that's it for now.

17 June 2014


It's funny how sickness goes, at least for me. I will wake up and feel like crap, spend the early part of the day in bed, then start to feel better. By the time I go to bed I generally feel about the best I've felt all day. I go to sleep and wake up feeling crappy and the cycle repeats itself. Each day though I feel a little bit better than the day before. The past 3 days, I've gotten up, fed the birds, had coffee and then ended up back on the couch napping. Today I actually stayed up. I've been up for almost 2 hours, woo hoo!!!! I can tell it's not going to be a perfect day, but it will be better than the last 3.

Having said that, there are some things I need to get done. I have 2 papers that were due on Sunday that I did not finish, I must get them done. I also have a discussion due tomorrow, I have to get that done. Luckily, that is about the extent of my to do list today. I think between bouts of naps I can get those done. If I can get them all turned in by tomorrow afternoon, I'll be very, very happy.

I hope to walk the dogs tonight. Really, I do. I love walking them and they love walking and I'm hoping I have enough energy to do that. I think if I plan carefully I can do it.

And food. My food has been either non-existent or completely insane. I need to get my food act together and that begins today. I'm going to go shower, make myself a nice breakfast, and then start working on my stuff until I need a short nap.

So there are my big plans for the day. Wish me luck.

15 June 2014

Did you get the number of the truck?

Something hit me yesterday and it hit me hard. I woke up with a little stuffy nose and tiny scratchy throat. Around 11am I started getting tired so I laid down on the couch. At noon Hubby called to see if I wanted to go to lunch when he was done, I said yes, call me and I'll meet him somewhere. By the time he called me I was in bed, shivering like crazy, and feeling like I had been run over. It was miserable. As the day progressed I seemed to get worse and worse. I went to bed at 8pm and took some Nyquil. I was out. I slept really well, which surprised me, and woke up feeling much better. Some breakfast, a nap, a shower, and I felt pretty good. A whole lot better than I did yesterday at this time. I'm sure by tomorrow I'll be just fine. Whatever this was hit me hard and fast. I don't think I've been laid low that quick in a long, long time. I'll be going to bed early tonight and praying that I'm back to myself tomorrow.

Completely out of control

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