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Things are looking up

A couple of days off, a couple of good nights sleep and I'm feeling great. I talked to Walgreens yesterday when I called in to say I wouldn't be in last night and told them this wasn't going to work. The manager offered to just schedule me on weekends. Cool!! So that problem is taken care of with a great solution - at least I think so.

We are currently rearranging the house. Again. We got a big TV. A huge TV. No, I mean a really giant TV - 62". Yikes!!! So I had to move my desk back into the spare room to make room in the living room for the TV. Tomorrow we are going to go shopping for a stand. The one we have our current, tiny, TV on is just not going to work. While moving things around tonight I came across Nala and Rocco's ashes. I have to do something with them. I would love to start a little memorial area in the yard somewhere. I would love to get memorial plaques or a bench at Personal Creations. They have some awesome pet memorial things. It would…

Completely Exhausted

This is me. Completely and totally wiped out. That is exactly how I feel and I'm off to bed soon to try and fix it.

Why am I so tired? Let me try to articulate. I went back to school last Monday and have been at school every day for the last two weeks. Classes started last Thursday and tomorrow is the end of our first cycle. The first cycle of classes is rough. There are no routines or procedures in place. Everything is new and we, me and the students, are adjusting. Also during this time, class schedules change and adjust due to conflicts or errors that weren't caught initially. So since last Thursday things have been a little crazy. Also, I'm the junior class advisor which is new for me. I don't know what I'm doing and the junior class is a little notorious around school. They were the class last year with the worst, I mean absolutely rock bottom, spirit. The classes compete for spirit points by doing different things and this class last year would do not…