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Not sure which way to go

Let's review the past couple of months. Every Monday I start the week with a determination to get back on track and go to Crossfit that week. Every Monday after work I go to Crossfit. Every Tuesday I wake up with pain in my feet. This keeps me away from Crossfit and really off my feet because it hurts so much. Then by the weekend the pain is receding and then on Sunday I make my resolutions to go next week. Every time I go to Crossfit I keep things easy. I gave up jumping and basically taking both feet off the ground at the same time. I did box step ups the other day because I didn't want to risk any kind of jumping. So do you see a pattern here? I sure do, but it took me months to see it and I feel like an idiot.

So, what to do? Now that I realize that Crossfit is a problem, do I quit? I'm really leaning that way. Between my weight and the issues with my feet/knees/ankles....I'm thinking I need to scale it back, way back and start over. I honestly don't think doi…