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I am a bit stressed out right now. It's a good stress, but it's stress none the less.

Today I am doing a Warrior Dash and my wave goes off at 2pm. That pretty much shoots the whole afternoon.  I also have to get ready to go to Indianapolis for a week. I'm extremely excited about it but I have done nothing to get ready for it. I'm talking laundry, packing, deciding what to take, etc. I have to finish getting things ready for the sub at school. I just did not have time to do that while I was teaching this week. I still have about 8 zillion copies to make and I have to be careful not to jam the school copier. Hubby is trying to get the bird house done so we can move the birds into it on Monday, which is a holiday here. I want to go over the whole house carefully before we put the birds inside. Then there's this whole thesis thing.  I have to finish it by May and it's not almost April!!! WTF!!!!Then there's money, there is always money.  I have to have money…

Playing the blues.....

No, not really. But I do have an old acoustic guitar sitting in the corner of my "office" here that keeps staring me in the face. A couple of times in the past I made attempts at learning to play it but life always got in my way and I dropped it. Now I think that I need to have a hobby and I'm thinking the guitar might just be the ticket.

In spite of the fact that I am a very, very logical thinking, left brain kind of person, I have a huge creative streak that I have not been utilizing at all recently. And that bothers me. A. Lot. The problem, at least as I can see it, is that I have so much responsibility and my to do list is so long, that I feel a little guilty if I take time to do something fun and creative. That thinking is crazy talk because it's only by doing the fun, creative stuff do I have the mental energy to do the other things. So I really am thinking about taking up the guitar again.

I've always wanted to play a guitar since I was a kid. I lov…