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A great Thanksgiving

Yesterday ended up being a pretty awesome day. I had a to-do list that wasn't too long and I was generally successful. It looked like this:

Do 5k in LanikaiClean bird roomWork on grading for 2 hoursDo another 60 minute workoutWork on thesis for 1 hourWalk dogs When the day was over it looked like this: 
Do 5k in LanikaiClean bird roomWork on grading for 2 hoursDo another 60 minute workoutWork on thesis for 1 hourWalk dogs - Hubby ended up not feeling good, that's why this didn't happen. 
I consider it a success.  Today I have a lot of the same thing planned. I need to get the grading done and I need to make some progress on my thesis.  There will be some working out in there since I can not sit still all day.  Maybe walking, maybe bike riding - who knows......

Live the lifestyle

It's funny how sometimes a random comment will set things off in my head. Last week at WW someone said, "You can't be a 150lb person and live the lifestyle of a 300lb person." That really started a train of thought in my head that has been going all week.

When I was at my fittest (not necessarily my thinnest) I lived the life of a fit person. I was always doing something, I would get up in the morning and run or bike. I would work until 5pm, get home around 6pm then go for a swim or do some weights. I had the energy to do all these things and I did them. On the weekends I would bike 20 miles to WW meeting and then bike home. I would hike and walk and run. I lived the life of an active person and it showed on my body.

Now, not so much.

I spend far too much time doing this. So I'm going to work on changing my lifestyle. I'm going to not lay on the couch. I'm going to move more. Keep busy. Workout when I have time. Eventually it will become second…

Sugar is a drug

To me it is. Last week when Hubby wasn't home I ate well. I did not have dessert any day that week. I stuck to fruits and veggies. I did eat small snacks during the day but nothing big. Hubby was home for dinner on Sunday and we had steak, baked potato, steamed veggies, etc. That was all good. Later though we had a big cookie and an ice cream cone. I went to bed and thought I slept good but when I woke up I felt drugged, like I had taken a sleeping pill. Last night I didn't have anything and felt fine this morning. Today at school though I overdid the Twizzlers. I even had some more on the way home. By the time it came to dinner I had no control. I was hungry and really did not care what I ate. I didn't do too bad some chicken and rice and a little bit of macaroni salad. And two more cookies. It's like I had no control. It dawned on me it's just like when I drink.

When I drink I don't get drunk anymore but I do have lower resistance. I tend to make p…

Wasting Time

That seems to be a theme this weekend. Yesterday I biked to WW and back. Went to lunch with Hubby. Then basically was a bum the rest of the day. Today I got up at 6:30, it's now almost 9 and I've done pretty much nothing. I have things to do, papers to grade, laundry, etc...I just have no motivation. Not sure why. Maybe it's the final vestiges of the cold leaving. Also it's a cloudy, rainy day so that doesn't help anything at all. I may just leave the grading until Thanksgiving weekend. Then I can do it all and be done with it. Also, grades will be due shortly after Thanksgiving so getting everything done over the long weekend kind of makes sense. We will see..... Right now I think I'll shower just to get moving....