09 August 2013

Got my WOD on

I went to 5 am Crossfit on Monday and was completely exhausted the rest of the day. Also, my back was bothering me. So I skipped Tuesday. And Wednesday. And Thursday. I was feeling like a pudgy little lazy thing. But I forced myself to go today and I am glad I did. It felt great to workout again. My mood improved. My outlook improved. And all feels right with the world again.

04 August 2013

Things are looking up

Two days of 99% good eating and I'm feeling better already. I went down 4 lbs from yesterday - right!!! Shows you how real that scale is. But I am feeling much more like myself. I've been really tired all weekend, but I think that is from working again.

I went to Crossfit on Saturday and screwed up my back. Whenever I run and do certain strength movements, my low back just seizes up. I only did a little running and I kept the weight really light, but my back was a disaster all day yesterday. I believe that part of it is my weight and if I lost some of this belly my back wouldn't bother me as much. We'll see.

I'm trying the 5 am Crossfit class tomorrow to see if it will work for me. I have to come home, shower, get ready and leave by 6:30. We'll see.

Now I'm very tired and am going to head to bed soon.

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