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Project Me: Part Deux

I think it is time to restart project me. I was doing pretty good at the beginning of the year, but then things started to slip. I have found that in order for me to achieve anything, I need to keep focused on it. I need to think about it every single day. So, I think restarting Project Me is a great way to do that. Possibly even checking in here briefly every day. We will see how that goes. I can find the 10 minutes to blog every day. I just need to be organized with my time.

Okay, so, goals for the week of April 26 - May 2:

Fitness: Crossfit 5x; walking the dogs 6x; running/walking in morning 5x; meeting my step goal every day.

Health: Prep food on Sunday and track calories every day. Aim for 1500 a day.

Work: Being organized and keeping on top of things. Finish the year strong.

School: Devote 1 hour every night to school work. This has been difficult, but with a little planning and focus it can be done.

Finances: Reinstate the moratorium on spending. Check the bank balance every …

The best laid plans

don't always work out. I had the best of intentions 2 weeks ago and it just did not work out the way I wanted. I have been stressed about all kinds of things and as a result, just not motivated to do much. As a result, I have not increased my activity as I wanted to do and, in fact, have gotten in less sessions at Crossfit. Eating has not been horrible, but it could be better. I am stumped as to what to do about food. I have so much information, so many plans, so much knowledge, and yet I can't seem to find what works for me. I think I'm going to stick with tracking my food and trying to stay with my calories. Which is another problem. At one site it says I should 2000 calories, another site says 1800, while another says 1500. That's a pretty good spread. It's enough to make the difference of success or failure. So exactly how many calories should I really eat??? Who knows????

And let's talk about activity. I have been doing Crossfit for 2 1/2 years and am la…