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I Feel Strong

My treadmill run this morning was completely awesome. I did 5 x 400m intervals. 3 of the 5 were done over 6.0mph. 1 was done over 7.0mph but I couldn't keep that up the whole way. It was awesome and I felt incredible. I really am getting stronger. I'm increasing my speed and my recovery time is incredible. It's amazing to feel this way. I really am beginning to feel like a true athelete. I love it.

Yesterday my eating wasn't so good. I had cookies at work and salty snacks with dip when I got home. I also didn't do my functional exercises; not a huge problem since I did some great stretching in the morning; but I should have done them anyway.

Tonight is strength and functional exercises. Tomorrow is a rest day from running. I'll do something just not sure what yet.

I just can't believe how great I am feeling. I feel my muscles all through my body. My back has not hurt me in weeks. I do get twinges in my IT band and my knees but overall nothing serious. I fee…

It's just amazing how good exercise makes me

feel. I did not really feel like running this morning but I forced myself and when it was over I felt incredibly awesome. I feel like I've accomplished something. It's just amazing. Why can't I remember that the next time I have to exercise???? I have to work on remembering that, that's all.

It's been a good day so far. Of course, it's 2 hours later than the time stamp since I had to go and do some work; I tell you that just gets in the way of everything ;) I did have some cookies after lunch not too many but enough to make me a little sick to my stomach. I tell you, when I'm not in the mood for that stuff it just doesn't sit right. Of course, when I am in the mood I can eat it by the truckload.

So tonight is strenght and functional. Last night instead of my functional exercises I did yoga and it felt really great. Those functional exercises really work to stretch and limber you up but there is nothing quite like yoga. Plus yoga really helps with my …

Why is it

that some days everything just works and it seems like I can do no wrong and other days I can't do anything right no matter how hard I try.

Yesterday I knew I needed to eat right and go for a short run and drink lots of water. I had a run this morning and I needed to be hydrated and fueled for the run plus I needed to check my new insoles and make sure they would work. Did I do any of those things???? NO!!!! I had a giant Safeway sandwich for lunch. Tried to go for a run at 4pm and felt like I was dragging that sandwich around so that didn't work out well. Then the only real water I drank was kind of late at night and it wasn't that much. Oh yeah, lets not forget the cookies, angel food cake, and pop tarts..... UGH!!!!!!!

Meanwhile today was the complete and polar opposite of yesterday. I had a race at 7 this morning. It was great fun and I placed 4th in my age group (5th really but the 1st place dropped out). Before the race I had a banana and part of a Baker's breakf…