07 January 2017


It was a good break and I really enjoyed myself. But do I have to go back?????? No, I'm ready. I can only sit around for so long before I start to lose my mind. So it is time to get back to work and back to schedule. I've done far too much sitting on my butt. But I have a couple of things to work through here.

Dissertation work, when to do it. I need to devote more time to this. I. Must. The thing is, if I plan to do it at night, I'm no good then. I am tired and just do not have the mental energy to do it. So I'm thinking about doing it in the morning. I always do good work in the morning when my mind is fresh. What if I got up at 4 am and dove right into working on it? I could get a solid 30-45 minutes on it every day. It's kind of like the theory of exercise, do it early and get it out of the way. I'm always fresh in the morning and do some of my best work when I first work up, so why not take advantage of that? I had this idea that I wanted to do yoga at that time, but in many ways, I think this is more important. If I spend tomorrow working on it and developing a to do list for the week, I can then work on something every morning when I get up. I can also do things that do not require lots of brain power in the evenings, like search for articles. I'm going to give it a try this week and see how it works. I like this idea and think it will work.

Health and fitness. I joined a nutrition challenge today. These have always worked well for me in the past just because I have some guidelines and someone to be accountable to. I also ordered some supplements. Not sure about that yet, but I decided to jump in with both feet. I've let doubt and indecision waste too much of my time. I trust the Crossfit people and decided to take their word for it and try the supplements. I'm not happy I spent $200 but I guess my health is worth it. So now I just need to get the working out routine down. I was going to start with Crossfit on Monday afternoon, but we have someone coming to give us a quote on a security screen door. So that might not work so well. Damn. Oh well, I can do my yoga or walk on the treadmill after. The point is I have to do something.

Okay, it is getting late and I need to get into bed. More tomorrow.

06 January 2017

1st week of the new year

It kind of didn't. I didn't have any super specific goals for this week - which was the problem - and so I guess you could say I met them. My foot was really bothering me, so I didn't go to Crossfit until Wednesday. We did take 2 road trips which were fun. I joined a teacher club, which has some great information about making teaching more manageable, I'm looking forward to getting into that more. I got some work done on my lesson plans - still a lot more to do though. I did not walk much. I did not get any dissertation work done. And I watched far, far too much TV. But I'm not upset about those things. They were conscious choices I made at the time and I really am okay with most of it. Sometimes I fell asleep and didn't plan to, but that's okay. Today will be busy though. I have Crossfit in the morning. Then I have to weigh and measure for the nutritional challenge that starts tomorrow. Then I have to go get my hair done - I'm very excited about that. I have a color that I am really hoping they can do. Then I'm going to school for a while to make copies and get things ready for Monday. Before I do that though, I need to lay out what I'm doing next week. I have the units laid out already, it is just a matter of putting the information into the days so I know what I'm doing when. That shouldn't take too long. I just have to decide what order to go in and what to do when.

So, today needs to be productive. I probably should make a to-do list so that I don't forget anything. I would really like to get everything done today, that way I have the weekend free to work on my dissertation. I also need to come up with a schedule/plan for my dissertation that I can stick to. And I have to figure out how to pay Walden some money. This is all fun stuff. A little stressful, but nothing serious. So I'm going to start by making a to-do list so that I am productive today.

01 January 2017

And so it begins

2017 has arrived. I went to bed last night around 10 pm and while I could hear some fireworks in the distance, it was quiet enough for everyone to sleep. That was a nice change. In Hawaii, every year I would not be able to sleep until 1 am or so. Did not miss that at all. As you can imagine, there are a number of motivation quotes appearing on Facebook this morning and I'm already snagging some of them. This one caught my eye first thing:

I think this is rather appropriate for me as this year is going to be amazing.

Then I saw this one:

I need to remember this and not let things get me down. I am Fierce!!!!

Finally, I saw this one and it really, really hit home for me:

This is the truest one of all and the one I need to remember most. I can make anything a routine, anything. And if I make it a routine, I will generally be successful at it. So boom. There is some inspiration to start the new year with. More later.......

Success when I'm not looking

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