25 September 2010

Okay, let's review

McDonald's sausage McMuffin with egg, hashbrowns and oj for breakfast.
No water all day.
2 cookies, small piece of chicken, scoop of rice, scoop of corn, and a Drumstick for lunch.
A very large beer and half a small one. Some pretzels.
Hamburger steak, rice, and salad for dinner.
I feel like hell. I'm a little bloated (too much rice) and I need to go to bed (beer). Enough with this garbage.

I'm officially on break - WOO HOOO - and here is how tomorrow is going to go.
Up around 6am - feed the birds, coffee.
Breakfast around 7 - cereal and milk.
Walk to workout at 8, workout from 8:30 to 9:30, walk home.
Eat well all day and lose this feeling of fat.
Get my grading done so it's history and watch some soaps.

I need to get rid of this feeling and back to the way I was feeling at the beginning of the week. I will and it starts tomorrow.

22 September 2010

So running......

I'm going to start on Sunday.  I was going to start on Saturday but that's my strength day.  Sunday it definitely is.  Even if I have to get up and run before we walk the dogs.  I will start running on Sunday.  I'm searching all theweb directories I can find to locate a good training plan. If I do an 8 week - 5k plan I could do a race in November and there is a 5k right near my house.  Sweet!!! I will do it.  5k in 8 weeks and in 14 weeks a  10k.  I can totally do this.  Totally. Okay, I'm excited.  Then next year it's back to triathlons. Awesome!!!

I was going to workout, really I was....

This evening is just so beautiful though. I ended up sitting out back with Hubby and the dogs watching the full moon rise. I totally lost track of time and missed my class. Oh well. I didn't sleep well last night so I'm tired so I guess it's okay I missed tonight. And the moon is just gorgeous.... We were watching it come up and I swear you can see the craters on it. You don't need binoculars or anything. It is so big and so close, it's awesome.

21 September 2010

And again this morning...

I step on the scale and it says 177.2. OMG!!! That is so awesome. It looks like I won't be looking for any fat burners that work, I seem to have found something that works.

This is the last week before a 2-week break at school. I need this break in so many ways. I am making plans for the break though since I do not want to just lie around the house. I'm going to paint and decorate 2 rooms, finish the bathroom, train the dog, start running again....yes, you read right, start running again. In the past 6 weeks I've lost 10 lbs and I told myself if I got to 175 I would start running again. Well, at this rate I'll be there by the weekend so I'm making plans to run. I figure I'll run in the mornings and go workout at night. I decided to take this week a little easy and only workout on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It was really hard not to go tonight. Really. Hard. I felt good and could have used a good workout but I keep my word and stayed home and got some things done. I'm proud of myself. I think I will start really slow with the running and I think I will get new shoes. Yikes...Running again....

20 September 2010

Is this thing working???

I stepped on it yesterday and it said 181.6. I stepped on it this morning and it said 181.6. Then it said 180.5. Then it said 178.4. Ummm....hello....178?!?!?!? I haven't seen that number in easily a year. Awesome. I did step on and off it a number of time and kept getting 178 so I'm sticking with it. That means I have lost 10 lbs in 6 weeks. Not earth shattering by any means, definitely not as quick as quick diet pills, but better than I've been doing. I feel great. Funny how the working out seems to regulate the appetite. I get hungry but I stop eating when I get full. I don't like to eat until I'm stuffed = like I used to. That is a very cool side benefit. One thing I do have to watch is the tendency to cut back on the calories too far. I will do that. I start to lose weight and I want to lose more so I will unconsciously cut back on the calories until I'm weak, and cranky. Have to watch that I don't do that.

19 September 2010

From one extreme to the other

I was overdoing it lately and decided to lay off a little. I didn't work out Thursday, Friday or yesterday. In fact, I was completely exhausted until today. I napped and slept and ate for the last 3 days. Yesterday was all about brownies, M&Ms and take out. Not a good reaction to rest. I was afraid of what the fallout from eating like that would be. I was afraid I would spend today looking for the best fat burning supplement but, in a shocking turn of events - the scale says the same thing it said Thursday morning. Yeah!!! I did not gain 400 lbs. So I get one more day of rest and then I have to work out tomorrow.

I am thinking I have to revamp my workouts. Every night is really, really hard even though I love how it makes me feel. Also, I feel so out of control when I'm tired like that. Out of control of work, out of control of finances, out of control of everything. Having a little time to myself and time to get things done really helps me maintain control.

I'm off, looking for some balance.

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