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Seriously, who knew???

Monday night I started working out at the new fitness center near my house.  The way their schedule is set up I can do cardio Monday, Wednesday, Friday and strength on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  The workouts are about an hour long and I sweat buckets in both of them.  It's absolutely perfect.  I have gone every night this week, except Wednesday because of open house, and I am already starting to feel awesome.  Working out is absolutely fabulous but there are benefits to it that I forget.  For example, when I work out regularly I don't crave junk.  My body wants good, wholesome food to refuel and rebuild.  I also have more energy.  I was thinking that I was having trouble sleeping when I may actually be increasing my energy levels.  Also, I just feel better in my skin.  I don't know how to explain it other than that.  It's not like I've lost a ton of weight in a week but I feel awesome.  But I did see a number on the scale I haven't seen in a few months -…

I am fat

That is not a derogatory comment or a statement made to put myself down, it is a statement of fact.  I am a scientist and if I saw an animal in my shape I would say that animal was fat so I am saying I am fat.  But that's good, because as a scientist I have a very logical mind and if I know a situation exists I can change it.  I know I am fat and therefore that can be changed.  When I attach emotions to my weight is when things start getting ugly. To me it's like saying I am tired or I am hungry, it's just a condition that can be changed.  And I plan on changing it. 

On Monday night I went to the BodyAttack class at Mana Fitness and Oh My God!!!  It durn near killed me.  Class is supposed to be an hour long but, as I was the only student, when I was ready to collapse at 30 minutes we called it a day.  I have not worked up such a huge bucket of sweat in a long, long time.  I was breathing hard and deep and pouring sweat.  It was awesome.  I went back last night and did the …

Continuing yesterday

After my post I showered, ate breakfast and then needed to go get my glasses adjusted. Since it was just at the mall I decided to walk over - what a good decision. As I'm walking I notice a sign I haven't seen before - Mana Fitness Studio - huh???? So I go to take a closer look. There is only a sign and a flyer taped to the window but I notice people inside so I open the door. One of the ladies comes over and we start talking. Turns out they have been open less than a week and they teach Les Mills classes. Sweet!!! They have classes at 5:30 and 6:30 at night and on Saturday mornings. I am stoked. I am going on Monday to the BodyAttack class - I have a free pass - and if I like it I'm buying a membership. It is so close to my house, 15 minutes to walk and about 3 minutes to drive - 5 if I hit a light.

There are times when the universe or god or whatever you want to call it speaks to you. I really, really believe that. I also believe that sometimes things are thrown…