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Success found in small things

The post I sat down to write was very different from what this one will be. I have been reading some blogs and was feeling like everyone is having this wonderful success and I'm not. This evening I have been feeling a little down about this whole weight loss thingee. I had some candy this afternoon and I felt like that was really horrible. Oh, I also had some banana bread at an event this morning. When I came home I ended up being lazy on the couch and then working on school work. I was getting very down on myself for eating what I did and not taking the opportunity to get some activity in. Then reading other people being very successful just made me feel worse. So I was going to write a woe is me post. Then I stopped {right here i need the sound of a scratching record}.

I had a number of successes this week. I hit my macros almost every single day. That is amazing. I had some candy and cookies but I still hit my macros most days. That is amazing and totally awesome. I did not g…

It's been one week

This is not completely true, the week wasn't that rough, just normal rough. I took Monday off because I had to take my car in only to find out that they couldn't fix it. Ugh!!!! So angry at them. But the dentist called and could squeeze me in Monday afternoon; I had an appointment scheduled for Wednesday and that would have required another day off; so I went to that and it all worked out well. The rest of the week was pretty normal. Chris came in on Wednesday for the pro-bowl, which is today. He leaves tomorrow. Other than that it has been pretty routine. Nothing spectacular, good or bad, and just normal.

One good thing that did happen is I figured out how to hit my macros. That was huge. For 5 weeks I've been working towards eating better and trying to hit them and I kept falling short. Then suddenly this week it just clicked and I started hitting them. Weird. But it's good. I have to go another week hitting them before we do anything different. At least this week …