13 July 2013

Feeling Good

Thursday was a little rough, the back was pretty achy all day. I ended up using my Cryoderm 3 or 4 times and taking ibuprofen a couple of times. I went to bed Thursday night and it was still sore, but woke up Friday morning feeling awesome. Little tweaks if I moved a certain way, but overall great. Only used the Cryoderm once yesterday and no ibuprofen at all. This morning it feels pretty good too. Going to go to Crossfit this morning, but if I have the slightest problem, I'm stopping.

This afternoon I have a Paleo challenge. I spent most of the day yesterday shopping and cooking. After I got everything done, I started second guessing myself. Is it good enough? Will they like it? Does it look okay? Screw that. I've been second guessing myself my whole life and I'm tired of it. The things I do are good. People like the things I do. I'm the only one who questions it. So, in spite of the fact that I want to drop out at the last minute, I'm going. I'm going to present my food and they will either like it or they won't. I can't control that. I like it and that's all that really matters.

I had wanted to do some work around the house over the summer. I had hoped to get a new couch and paint the living room. That didn't happen. I was hoping to replace some hardware too. We have a whole in the back screen door and the dogs use it as a doggie door. I was thinking of getting a couple of wing knobs for each side of the door and teaching the dogs how to open the door with them. Then we could replace the screen and maybe not have as many flies in the house as we have had lately???

The worse part of today? The realization that there is only 2 more weeks left of summer :(

11 July 2013


This morning's WOD included deadlifts. There were 20 of them total, 10 at the beginning and 10 at the end. RX was 185# and I decided to go for it. Last Saturday I did 45 deadlifts at 155#, I figured I could do 20 at 185#. And I did, but I tweaked my back on the last one and now it's a little bit painful. Weirdly enough, it does not hurt at all when I stand, only when I sit. Bizarre. So I will have to take it easy today and rest it. I do not want to make it worse. But, hehehehe, I went RX :)

09 July 2013

Shoulder issues

Today's strength work at Crossfit was overhead squats. Specifically the max weight you could hold for 15 squats. In all my trials with my shoulder, this has proven to be the move that is hardest to get back to. Holding that bar overhead and lowering into a squat puts a strain on the shoulder you would never know about unless you injured that shoulder. I can do almost every other move, but this one is tough. I think because in the healing process some scar tissue built up giving me less mobility in that shoulder. I ended up doing 2 sets of 15, but it was brutal. Then the WOD had some shoulder work in it. Of course. I really pushed the shoulder today. It's a little achy but not too bad. It really is time to get over it.....

08 July 2013

A chain reaction

I'm a firm believer in karma - what goes around, comes around - what you put out, you get back - etc. I've seen it in action in my own life, when I'm positive and doing the things I know are right, good things happen. I'm also a fairly positive person. I tend to try and see the good in all things, because there really is good in all things. But I'm also human, and I can lose sight of these things if I'm not careful. And that's what has happened lately. I've lost sight of the positive and the good karma and all that stuff. Let me explain.

I've been spending a lot of mental time lately dwelling on the things that are wrong with my life. We don't have a lot of money. I can't do this. I can't do that. I don't have whatever. Well, when I think like that, I get down. When I only look at the negatives, what I don't have or can't do, everything starts to become a negative. And that's been happening lately.

This morning I got ready for Crossfit and headed out to my car. It wouldn't start. About a month ago, the mechanic told me my battery was bad. Did I get a new one? NO. So it finally bit the dust. I didn't have enough time to get to Crossfit, so I figured I'd go at 8 am. Then hubby offered to drive me and I figured I could walk home. So that's what happened. He drove me there. I did the WOD. Then I walked home. I have not walked much in months, possibly a year or more. I had forgotten how the rhythmic, repetitive movement creates a calmness in the brain and joy in the spirit. As I was walking I realized that I have not been finding joy in things lately. I have been stressing over all kinds of things, but not finding any joy. I have things I need to take care of that I have been putting off, stress. I have neighbors that are assholes and I don't trust them, stress. I realize that instead of stressing over the situation, situations that I really can't change, I need to find ways to deal with them. For example, as I walked I thought about what this situation with the neighbors is supposed to teach me. Because I believe in karma and positiveness, but I don't believe in coincidence. I believe that things happen for a reason. So I need to figure out what this situation is supposed to teach me, only then will it resolve itself.

So I need to get more of this rhythmic, repetitive movement into my day. I understand now why people do tai chi and qi qong. There is something wonderful and restorative about that type of movement.

Can I get a do over?

I have been eating out of control for the past week. Fast food, cookies, ice cream, etc. Just whatever I felt like eating, I would eat. No more. It stops right now. Starting tomorrow there will be only paleo for the next 3 weeks. I'm feeling soft and doughy and I do not like it at all. So it ends here. Tomorrow is a fresh day, a fresh week, a fresh start.

Social media holiday

I've decided to take a break from social media. I spend far, far too much time just scrolling through Facebook. Yes, I get a lot of in...