28 April 2012

Mental change

I just came across this on Facebook and it made me think. So I can't change everything in one day but am I doing some of these and that's why I'm unhappy. I think it's time to stop doing these things and start making myself happy.  I'm on it....

Creating change

That is what I need to do: create change. I'm not happy with the way things are going right now and I need to figure out how to change them.

First let's start with the hands. Since I've returned from Indianapolis I have had problems with my hands. They go numb and it's very annoying. Sleeping is difficult because the entire arm goes numb and it's actually painful. Initially I thought I had done something to my neck because I also had neck pain and stiffness. After 3 weeks of it not getting any better I broke down and went to the doctor. Turns out it's not my neck at all all but my wrist. I have really bad carpal tunnel.

That is exactly what my hand feels like. So I have to wear a brace and I have to see a neurologist on June 5th to see how extensive the damage is. I have had this on and off for years so there is a good chance of some nerve damage. Hopefully it's not too bad and they can fix it. So there's that.

Next up is the bike riding. For some reason, I'm riding my bike and eating pretty well and still not losing anything. In fact, I feel like I'm gaining weight. So I need to figure out what's going on there.

Finally the food. I eat fairly well during the weekday because I pack my breakfast and lunch and eat only that. Dinner is where I really fall apart. I will eat whatever and usually overate. Then there is dessert, those have got to go.

So how can I fix this? Well, the hand I just have to work around for now. That means being extremely careful when riding my bike - as it does irritate the hand problem - and coming up with a workout that won't irritate it even more. Then there is the food. I have got to get that under control. Getting a grip on the food with really help me get a grip in other areas. There is a definite domino effect that happens. One of the most important things is to get away from this computer. Between work and thesis, I spend a lot of time on here. I need to get away for my health and for my wrist. It's making both things worse.

So that will be my goal this weekend: Get a grip. On workouts, food, and computer usage.

Money Issues

I don't know if I ever talked about this or not, but I've been searching for ways to cut expenses. Trying to save money wherever I can. One of the things that I noticed was my cable bill was astronomical. We have 4 TVs but only 2 were on a box, and there is Internet service. That bill was running me almost $200 a month. Insane. So I started looking around for alternatives. I looked into direct tv and dish and something else that I can't remember the name of. I found that they were all way cheaper then the cable I was paying. I could keep my roadrunner and get directtv and still not pay as much as I was paying with just cable. Insane. I also discovered that you don't have to go directly to the companies web site. You don't have to go to directtv.com, you can find other places to get the offers, like www.dx3.net. So that's pretty cool. And I know there are local people who do the work because I've seen the trucks roaming around. So that's one way I've been trying to cut our expenses. The only thing is that my satellite dish does not look that cool.  Mine is a plain ole boring silver one. If I had something like this people would think I was talking to the mother ship or something. Also, it might piss off my neighbor and that is always a good thing :)

25 April 2012

Work It Out

So time to start to get serious again. I really want to work out big time and go hard, but my hand may have a different idea - but more on that later. Anyway, I've been looking through my DVD collection and I have lots. I have Turbo Jam that I got from Beach Body which is the place where you can get P90X and Insanity. I really want to get one of those for the summer. I really want an Extreme Body Workout, something that will really kick my butt. I really want to work hard for the 7 weeks of summer, actually it's 8 weeks this year - woo hoo!!!!

So I've been starting to look around and see what is out there. P90X and now P90X2 still seem to be the gold standard of extreme workouts. They are good for extreme weight loss too. I was reading a 90 Day Review on them and it really makes me want to do them. Of course that means I have to buy them and if I want them for summer I will need to do that soon. Very soon. So I need to get on that and soon. But until this wrist gets better, I don't know how much of anything I'll be doing.

This is a guest post provided by Fitness Alliance

22 April 2012

Kitchen Counters

I was just looking through some pictures and realized that I never took a picture of our completed kitchen renovation. This is the last picture I took when the counters were done and the sink was in. We have since painted the cabinets black and white with white ceramic draw pulls. I love the way it came out and it's amazing to think that we did that ourselves. So very exciting.

Anyway, the reason I thought about it was because I came across this picture:

Look at those tiles on the back splash. I love the 3-D effect. I want those tiles or I want to know how to do that. I love looking at kitchens and bathrooms. They have always been my favorite rooms and really the rooms you can do so much with. Living rooms, bedrooms, what can you do with them? Paint. Wall effects? Furniture? That's about it. But with kitchens and bathrooms you can really, truly create something. I love them. When I get to remodel my kitchen completely I want granite counter tops. When I mentioned this to Hubby he said, granite countertops houston, we have a problem. He does not like granite and he does the vast majority of the cooking. Hmmm...I see a problem brewing. But that won't be for a while. I love my kitchen the way it is right now.

Arm issues

The arm issues have not gotten any better. My right hand still gets all tingly and my arms go numb when I'm sleeping. The other day it was so bad I could hardly sit at my desk and grade papers. I decided that was enough. I called and made a doctor's appointment. Clearly there is something wrong and I need to have it looked at before it becomes permanent. As I sit here typing, I can feel the tingling traveling down my arm to my hand. This really has to stop. I have to be very careful about how I lay in bed or both arms will go numb. So Monday I see the doctor and see if we can figure out what's going on.

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