05 November 2011

And she's down....

Although I started the week with the best of intentions, I struggled every day. Monday was pretty good but Tuesday I could not get out of bed. Wednesday started off okay but I was fighting cravings all day. Thursday was a bust completely. Not only did I not get up but I craved simple carbs. Fried rice for breakfast. Candy and cake with lunch. Cake after school. It was terrible. Also on Thursday I felt a slight head cold. Nothing serious, just enough to make me drowsy and dopey. Went to bed early on Thursday and woke up yesterday sick. Really sick. Like I could not get out of bed sick. It was terrible. Spent most of the day sleeping and watching TV. Had a major headache by the afternoon and wasn't sure if it was from not eating, because I'm not hungry at all, or no coffee. Went to bed early again with a healthy dose of NyQuil on board. Woke up this morning feeling sore all over from lying around too much and still a headache. Got up and moving, had a little something to eat, took some ibuprofen and had some coffee. Feeling a little better. Feeling more awake and with it at least. Yesterday I felt so foggy and tired I could not keep my eyes open for more than 45 minutes at a time. I've been up now for almost 2 hours - yeah me!!!!

Interesting things I've noticed. All this week I have just craved simple carbs: candy, cake, bread, etc. Weird because while I will want those things I rarely crave them. But clearly I started feeling poorly earlier in the week and that's when the cravings started. Very interesting. Also, I haven't really taken any cold medicine and things are progressing. I'm generally of the view that if you are healthy, your body can fight these things off, after all that what it was built to do. I try to only take medicine for very specific things. Like taking NyQuil at night, that is strictly to make me sleep and nothing else. Of the aspirin I took this morning, that was only because this headache was killing me. But basically I'm happy to just let my body do it's thing and battle this bug on it's own. Things that help the body do what it's supposed to like vitamins, or stuff for eye lash growth, it cool. You are just giving nature a boost. But things that try to get rid of something, I'm not so hot on because the body really can take care of itself. This is of course assuming you are a reasonably healthy person, which I am.

Anyway, taking it easy today and tomorrow because it's back to school on Monday. And I'm starting the week over on Monday. This week was lost due to the oncoming and onset cold, but Monday is a brand new week.

30 October 2011

A new month is around the corner

There was a time when I loved new beginnings. LOVED them. New weeks got me all excited for what was to come. A new month was most definitely something to celebrate. A new year?!?!??! Forget about it.... I love new starts. I would set goals and make plans for the new beginning. At the beginning of a new week I would lay out my workout schedule for that week. At the beginning of a month I would figure out my goals for the month. At the beginning of a new year I would try to schedule races and such so that I could plan my months and weeks. I loved it. In the last few years I've lost my love of them. One day became similar to another. Days turned into weeks which turned into months and eventually years. They all ran together and had little to distinguish them from each other.

I'm going to try it again. Tomorrow is Monday and Tuesday is November....time to make some goals.

For the month of November:

  • -Workout 6 days a week
  • -Follow the Turbo Jam Schedule for the entire month
  • -Eat well 80% of the time
  • -Make significant progress on my thesis (ie get 2 sections done)

For this week:

  • - Track every day
  • - Workout 6 days
  • - Eat within my points range 4 days 
  • - Feel really good about myself

There you go, nothing earth shattering or back breaking, just some common sense kind of stuff.

My plan for the rest of the year is to work out and regain some of the fitness I've lost and lose a couple of pounds. Once I get in a little better shape I want to order either P90X or Insanity and do that. I also want to start running again. Slowly. Very Slowly. I am shooting for the Honolulu Marathon next year and all the local races in 2013. I also want to get back into doing triathlons but I'll save that for another beginning.

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