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LIfe goes on

I've come to love the "On this day" feature of Facebook. Especially when it is a time that something was happening. 7 years ago today we moved into the Kaneohe house. That was a crazy, crazy time. And it was an exciting, amazing time. We had bought our first house, something we never thought we'd be able to afford in Hawaii. It was awesome. Met some really nice people, Eddie and Ella who lived above us and the guy who lived down the street who did all the carving. Then we met some complete assholes, no names needed. We had some really good times and some not so good times there. For a long time it was a real struggle to make it, but we did. That house provided us with the means to make the mainland move and seriously, that made it all worth it. Life is so funny. I always think about what if...... What if we didn't buy that house? What if we didn't have those neighbors? What if we decided to move to the mainland earlier? What if..... I really am a firm beli…

A subtle shift

After or accident last Saturday, I was shaken up as you might well imagine. But not near as shaken up as I thought I'd be. I was, and am, incredibly thankful to be alive. When I think about what could have happened I just shudder. But I have noticed a mild shift in my mindset since the accident. I have noticed that I am much more appreciative of things. Everything. I find that I don't anger as quickly. I am finding joy in almost everything. And I am living in the moment - something I'm not great at. I find I did not get frustrated with my class all week, which is very unusual as I was ready for break and they were squirrely. I'm not getting angry at Hubby as much either. I had reached a point where little things were irritating me all the time. That is gone. I am really and truly thankful for surviving that crash and for everything in my life. I am also extremely present in my everything and make decisions based on the now and not the future. Not even sure I said that…