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Be careful what you wish for

A while back I wrote about how I want to take up the guitar again. I've tried a couple of times to learn it but always give up before I get very far. And I honestly would like to learn to play. Well, a friend read my post and, trying to be a nice person, gave me a Hal Leonard guitar book. It's a very nice gesture and I really appreciate it but I feel bad because right now I just do not have time to learn it. I guess I'll just hold on to it and try to find the time in the near future.

Numb Arm

Ever since I got back from Indianapolis I've had some arm issues. First it was my left arm/shoulder area hurt. I thought that it was from carrying my luggage around all kinds of airports since it was so heavy. After a couple of days that went away and my right arm starting bothering me. It goes numb. That's not completely true, it gets tingly like it's coming out of being asleep. This has happened on and off for years but never this bad. It comes along with associated neck/shoulder pain so I'm thinking they are related but quite honestly the whole thing is a little freaky. Wednesday night I could hardly sleep it was bothering me so badly. Thursday night was better and last night was better still. The worst pain is when I sleep or ride my bike. I'm assuming that one of the above nerves is getting pinched somehow and I'm hoping that's all it is. When things are at their worse, ie the pain is really bad, I get all kinds of crazy thoughts in my head like may…


For the past 2 1/2 months I have been riding my bike. In the morning I ride it about 4 blocks to the bus stop, then about 1/2 mile to school. In the evenings I ride about ~4 miles to the bus stop, then 1/2 mile home. Tonight I could not ride my regular bus home because the bike rack on the bus was full. Hmmmm....As I stood there trying to figure out what to do because I did not want to wait 30 minutes for the next bus, a bus came along going to the next town over. Hmmm.... I could catch this bus and get off near my town. I would then have a much longer ride home but I would get home around my regular time. Hmmmmm...... So I hopped on the bus. I got to the bus stop at the edge of my town and got off. I was looking at a pretty significant hill and a ways to go before I got home. Hmmmmm..... 3 1/2 miles and 14 minutes later, I walked in my front door. Cool. The ride was not bad at all and that hill didn't turn out to be near as big as it looked. I was very pleased with myself. T…