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This is my boss.

Check it out. She's in Inside Triathlon this month - cool!!! Wendy

some down time

is called for this week. I think I pulled my hamstring in the race Sunday. It's not bad but it is a little sore. Also, this is moving week. I will be losing my internet access on Friday and won't get it back until 4/5. I think I'm going to take off this week; from blogging and from training. I'm taking off work Friday so we'll be moving Fri, Sat and Sun. Hopefully by Sunday evening most everything will be put away and the new place will be livable. I hate moving and I hate living out of boxes. So if I'm scarce for a while that's why. I'll still be reading blogs during work, I can't withdraw completely :)

Okay, now I must rant on a totally unrelated subject. First a disclaimer: I suck at being a mother. I should never have had children. I don't think I did a very good job at being a mother. My only saving grace is that I tried to instill good values in my daughter and I always let her know I loved her above all else and she came first, most of the…

I've begun

to build the ark.

You would not believe the rain we are getting here. It has been going on for like 2 months now. Everytime it rains something horrible happens. We've had flooding, mudslides, dams breaching, contaminated water, tornados, you name it - it's happening here. I got back from my tri at noon and it has been raining since then, nonstop!!!! I am so sick of the rain!!!!!


I knew things would be wild today. Just before the alarm went off I had a dream that I broke a wheel on my bike. When my alarm did go off I shut it off because I figured I had a broken wheel. I woke up about 10 minutes later and totally freaked. I jumped out of bed screaming, " why did I shut the alarm off, it was just a stupid dream" only to realize I had only slept for like 10 more minutes. So once I got myself together I got ready and by 5 a.m. was out the door. It had just started raining here.

When I got to the race site on the other side of the island, it was pouring buckets and as…