10 May 2014

Back to the regularly scheduled whining

Not actually whining because I'm quite happy now :) Okay, got up and met one of the girls from Crossfit and sold her two wrist wraps. Woot... Also, Tiffany said I could sell them at the kids Oly meet later in the month. Woo hoo...maybe I can get this going. Then it was of to Crossfit for a workout. And what a workout it was. Here it is:

For Time:

40 overhead plate lunges 10# plate
800 m row
40 V-ups
400 m row
40 ring rows
200 m row
40 plate squats - 10# plate

Brutal. Took me 19:41 to finish. Ugh. The v-ups killed me, I can feel my abs already.

After that I had to run to the bank which is right next to Safeway, the one with a bakery that makes fresh stuff in the mornings...yeah, that one...I went in for milk and ended up with 2 donuts. Not sure how they got in my bag, but I got home and ate them. Oh well, things are back to normal.....

I have school work to do today. I have got to use this free time I have to get back on track with school and to prepare for the new classes in June. Life goes on and on and on...... So I'm off to the shower and then hitting the books....

09 May 2014

Completely derailed

Even though I vowed earlier that this was over, I spent most of the day in a funk. By 9:30 my stomach was churning and burning. I ate breakfast but it didn't help much. My stomach was just a mess. Eventually I went to the store and I got some mac and cheese and cookies. Not the best foods but I needed something substantial, something carb loaded. I ate about half the mac and cheese and felt much better. Then I started to feel better. I was finally able to let it all go once I felt better. Once I got the stomach settled, things started to fall into place and I was finally able to really let go. I came to accept that what she did, she did and nothing I can say or do would change anything. I can not control anything she does or did, I can only control what I do. So I took control.

With all this that's happened, my eating and working out has completely gone out the window. I have not even considered what I was eating or any working out beyond walking the dogs. Well, that is BS and it ends now. Tomorrow and Sunday I will be doing Crossfit and walking the dogs. Starting Monday, I have nothing to do in the mornings so I will wake up and do a short WOD. During the day I will walk on the treadmill. Then in the evenings I will walk the dogs. It's not great, but better than I been doing. Also, the eating. Time to get that under control. That starts tomorrow. Okay, I feel better now.

Baby steps, baby steps.

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