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Back to the regularly scheduled whining

Not actually whining because I'm quite happy now :) Okay, got up and met one of the girls from Crossfit and sold her two wrist wraps. Woot... Also, Tiffany said I could sell them at the kids Oly meet later in the month. Woo hoo...maybe I can get this going. Then it was of to Crossfit for a workout. And what a workout it was. Here it is:

For Time:

40 overhead plate lunges 10# plate
800 m row
40 V-ups
400 m row
40 ring rows
200 m row
40 plate squats - 10# plate

Brutal. Took me 19:41 to finish. Ugh. The v-ups killed me, I can feel my abs already.

After that I had to run to the bank which is right next to Safeway, the one with a bakery that makes fresh stuff in the mornings...yeah, that one...I went in for milk and ended up with 2 donuts. Not sure how they got in my bag, but I got home and ate them. Oh well, things are back to normal.....

I have school work to do today. I have got to use this free time I have to get back on track with school and to prepare for the new classes …

Completely derailed

Even though I vowed earlier that this was over, I spent most of the day in a funk. By 9:30 my stomach was churning and burning. I ate breakfast but it didn't help much. My stomach was just a mess. Eventually I went to the store and I got some mac and cheese and cookies. Not the best foods but I needed something substantial, something carb loaded. I ate about half the mac and cheese and felt much better. Then I started to feel better. I was finally able to let it all go once I felt better. Once I got the stomach settled, things started to fall into place and I was finally able to really let go. I came to accept that what she did, she did and nothing I can say or do would change anything. I can not control anything she does or did, I can only control what I do. So I took control.

With all this that's happened, my eating and working out has completely gone out the window. I have not even considered what I was eating or any working out beyond walking the dogs. Well, that is BS a…