07 May 2009

I should be working out

or at least getting ready for work. Instead I sit here blogging. Since I wrote my post last night about returning to WW, it's been bouncing around in my head. When I wrote that post I wasn't sure I was going to do it, but now I am. I'm definitely returning on Saturday. I just checked and the meeting is still there at the same time. I think a little more accountability and structure will help me. So, let's see....On Saturday I have to go to the meeting at 7, get some exercise in and then come home and shower and head out to the Pet Expo to be there by 10. That should work. Okay, I'm excited about this.....

06 May 2009

Return to Weight Watchers??

I've been tossing around going back to WW for a couple of weeks now. It's not so much for the program but for the support and the meetings. The meeting that I really like is at 7 am on Saturday morning. What that meeting does is force me to get up early and moving on a Saturday and since I'm out and done by 7:30 I would usually do something active after. When I did this before I really looked at this as my time and I really enjoyed it. When I did this before I was in awesome shape and really felt great.

Then today I get this in my email:

Weight Watchers of Hawaii

Dear Member,

Have you heard the news?? Weight Watchers® of Hawaii is offering Free Registration* right now through June 6th! Come in today and find out about our new Momentum™ program, based on the latest scientific research.

If you've struggled getting back on track and getting started again, you are not alone. Losing weight and keeping it off might be one of the hardest things those of us with weight issues will ever have to deal with. With Weight Watchers®, you will have confidence knowing you are not alone because one thing we know that works is our meeting room experience - led by leaders who have successfully lost weight with Weight Watchers. Plus, with our new Momentum™ program, you'll have the benefit of learning not only new ideas of how to beat hunger and temptation, but also new weight loss strategies.

The time has never been better than today to come in and get started. Plus if you bring a friend, you'll get an additional bonus of one free week's meeting attendance.** That's quite a savings - Free Registration (a $26 dollar savings) plus if you bring a friend, an additional savings of $14 and if you really want to save, you can purchase our 10 week pre-payment plan for $119 (that's only $11.90/week).***

Really - there are many reasons why now is the time to join.

For meeting times and locations call 487-3373 today. Or visit us online at www.weightwatchers.com to Find a Meeting.

I hope to see you soon and thanks for thinking of Weight Watchers® when it comes to looking for ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

I really do believe in signs and omens and fate. I think fate has been trying to tell me something and since I wasn't listening it decided to smack me upside my head. Okay fate, I got it....

05 May 2009

Things are plugging along....

I've found my motivation for working out. I'm not sure where it came from but I'm up every morning by 4:30 and working out by 5. I'm not sure how I did it but I got it back and I'm not knocking it. Eating has been pretty good. Not perfect, but I've cut out all sweets and that really, really helps a lot. So overall I'm very happy. School ended last night and I have nothing until Monday. Ugh!! I'll be taking 4 classes over the summer so that should pretty much kill me. Okay, I have nothing to say. I need to get a new compact flash for my camera, so I'm off to find one.

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