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Plans Today

I just realized that most people blog in the evenings. It is usually a recap of their day or week or whatever. Me??? I like to blog in the mornings. I really am a morning person and I like blogging in the morning as a way to kind of plan out my day. Not that it matters at all, I just find it interesting. I'm apparently not like most of the world :)

Today I have plans. It seems like I have plans more and more on the weekends. Not sure if that is good or bad since I have so much school work to do. Anyway, today I am box jumping. I'm heading over to Honolulu to WOD at CFO the mothership of my box. I've only WOD'd there once and done a couple of events. Just do not go there very often at all. Well, today is the day. My friend teaches Parkour there and I've decided to take a class and check it out. I will be WODing at 9am and Parkouring at 11am. Crazy? Probably, but I'm doing it anyway. I am second guessing this decision after the episode with my back yesterday. It…

Gaining control

After last weekends complete and total break down (and it was a break down, believe me) I finally am getting things under control. The first thing I did was clean this room and open all that mail that was sitting here. Done and done. All this week I have opened every piece of mail that came in and dealt with it. Awesome feeling, not to be afraid of your mail. The second thing I did was to admit that 5 am Crossfit just does not work for me. I realized, while walking the dogs on Sunday, that I did not HAVE to go at 5 am. I was so focused on being able to go to the 5 am class because I didn't have to leave so early for work, that I completely forgot that I also get home earlier. I can get home in time to make it to the 4 pm class. Not only that, I'm done by 5 pm and still have time to walk the dogs. Boom! Problem solved. So this week, for the first time in a long, long time, I went to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and tonight. 4 days of Crossfit. I have not done that in quite a wh…


One of the reasons that my computer desk was such a disaster is that I had some mail on it that I did not want to face. Rather then open them and face the music, I've been throwing them on the pile and avoiding it. That was my goal today, to face that. I went through all the mail piled on the desk. I opened every piece and filed it away. That led to a major clean out of my file cabinet and a reorganization of my files. What did I find in those letters that I was avoiding? Nothing earth shattering. Nothing that should have caused all that stress and worry for so long. I can be such an idiot. Not only is my desk clean, but my entire room has been cleaned and organized. Wow! It is amazing how paralyzing fear can be. I was so afraid of those letters that I was frozen and couldn't do anything. Amazing. Now I feel so free and light. Seriously. I feel like I've lost 10 lbs. I know that was why I felt so fat. Stress.... I cannot begin to tell you how great I feel. I am now off to…

Relieving Stress

After Friday's live melt-down, I stepped up and took control. I prioritized the things that I needed to get done and I just started doing them. I needed quizzes for every class on Friday so I wrote, printed, and copied them all at one time. Boom, done!!! I needed permissions for the video I want to film, so I walked out and talked to my principal and then emailed the president. Boom, done! While the students were taking the quizzes I graded and entered them in the grade book so I don't fall even further behind in my grading. Boom, done! When I came home from school on Friday, I immediately started working on the wrist wraps. Got them done and delivered to the box just in case. Boom, done! On Saturday, I reviewed the article I needed to summarize and made a few notes while I was proctoring. Came home yesterday and wrote 2 pages. Submitted it last night. Boom, done!! Ended up going to the paint party just for a chance to relax. Honestly though, I couldn't really relax and d…