03 December 2011

My week and welcome to it

One week out and this is what my elbow looks like. The bruises are nasty and ugly and the butt hurts like you would not believe. But the good news is I'm on the mend. I am definitely feeling much better. I even worked out for an hour this morning. It was hard but I did it so yeah me!!! I think I may survive this.

So the week has been uneventful at best. I have been sore and tired and not motivated to do much of anything. I don't like that feeling but I know my body is healing so I went with it. I wanted to get up and workout a couple of mornings but it just didn't work out. I'm not going to beat myself up, I'm just going to move on.

School was rough. It was the next to last week and it was loooooooonnnnnnnngggggggg. I'm sure next week will be even worse. I have a bunch of stuff to do over this weekend but it's nothing difficult, just lots of little things so I'm saving those for tomorrow. Today I'm going to get crafty. I have an ugly, ugly, ugly TV stand in my computer room here that I absolutely hate. This weekend I'm going to redo it. I've been on Pinterest a lot and I have gotten some fabulous ideas. This weekend I'm going to try some on this ugly thing. I also want to rearrange this room so this seems like as good a time as any. And organization. I am so freaking tired of being unorganized that I am really going to work at getting a system in place for everything. Everything!!!!!

I also may brave the mall today. I need some new running shoes. I'll probably look online too. I want to start running on January 1st but the shoes I have will not work. I think I really need wide shoes too. I only wear shoes to workout now and I think my feet are spreading. So wide running shoes it will be. Okay, I'm done now. I'm going to go shower and start on my projects.

29 November 2011


I was sitting here watching the Biggest Loser and planning the post I was going to write. It was going to be about how I am recovering and how everything freaking hurts and how I'm going to make damn sure I don't fall again. It is not fun. But I'm sitting here watching the Biggest Loser and it's make-over week. They are all getting new clothes and haircuts and spa treatments, etc. As the one lady, Bonnie, was meeting up with her husband she commented that they are going to be the most active retired couple in America. As she said that I thought to myself, I used to be active. I like doing things. When things come up my initial reaction is always, let's go. But a lot of times I back out at the last minute and it has to do with my weight. Wow!! You have no idea what a revelation that is to me. I have the desire to do things but I let my weight and how I feel hold me back. Seriously, I knew that but I didn't really know that... Now I know that, and the scientist in me realizes that once you know something you can act on it. Holy Crap!!! This is really so amazing.... I'm sitting here in absolute shock with my mouth hanging open. It is so strange to me how I can know something but then one day, some random comment will hit me and I realize that I didn't know it, I was just giving it lip service. Wow!! No more letting my weight tell me what to do. No more will my weight keep me in bed in the mornings. No more will I miss out on things because I feel fat or I don't think I have anything to wear. NO MORE!!!

In other news, I completely avoided Black Friday. We did go to K-Mart around 1 pm and there was no one there. It's been more crowded on the random Saturday than it was on Black Friday. But other than that I did not go near a store all day. I was slightly tempted to go at midnight when the mall here opened, but I resisted. I am however, looking forward to after Christmas sales or, as they say in England, boxing day sales. That's when I go shopping and usually save a bundle.

Okay, I have to go. This revelation has literally blown my mind. I have a headache and I need to really absorb this.

27 November 2011

It's not if, it's when

People who ride bikes have a saying, "it's not a matter of if you are going to crash, it's a matter of when." In other words, everyone crashes. Everyone. At some point or another you will crash. Honestly I have been riding bikes on and off for years. At one point, when I was trying to get into shape, I rode everyday in California. It was my exercise of choice. I was without a bike for a long time, but I have now had a bike for at least 12 years. And I ride on and off. I actually love riding my bike, it really is my favorite form of exercise. I have these massive thighs that can carry me long, long ways on the bike. Not so good for running, but awesome for biking. One of the things I've done when serious about losing weight is ride my bike to Weight Watchers. It does a number of things. First, I get my exercise in for the day and I get my weigh-in. Perfect. Second, lots of times I will end up just cruising around since I enjoy biking so much and therefore I get in more exercise than I planned. Also, Saturday mornings are kind of me time. I don't usually schedule anything except WW so I am free to workout, bike ride, run, walk, hike, whatever I want.

So yesterday morning started off like any other. I rode my bike to WW and was feeling pretty good. After the meeting I was debating with myself to head straight home or cruise the main drag looking for garage sales. We are looking for some chairs for the living room and Saturday is prime garage sale time. I was going back and forth all the way up to the point where I had to make a decision. I would either go straight and go home, or turn left and cruise. At the last minute I decide to go left. I get into the left turn lane. There are 3 cars in the lane already and the light is red. I stop behind the 3 cars because I don't want to be right next to them when they take off and also I have a little room to build up some speed to get through the intersection. The light turns green. I start pedaling. I stand up on the pedals to try and get a little ommph behind it. I start to make the left turn when something goes horribly wrong. I don't know exactly what happened but I could feel something go wrong and I start to head over the handle bars. Yikes. I knew I was going to fall and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I was going down. I fell on my right side and I actually felt my head bounce off the pavement. As soon as I was down I knew I had to get out of there since I was right in the middle of the road. The car that was behind me slowed down but then kept going around me. I knew I had to move. So I popped up like one of those punching bags that always rights itself, grabbed my bike and headed to the median to regroup. As I'm hobbling over I hear some guy ask "Are you okay?" Now, something I should explain here. When I hurt myself the one thing that pisses me off most is that question "Are you okay?" Really. Would I be hobbling like this if I was alright? Would the blood that's running down my arm be any indication that things might not be okay? Really!!! My initial reaction is usually "Leave me the f*ck alone!!!" I refrained from that though and told the man, "I think so." I then continued to hobble to the median, throw my bike on the grass and sit on the curb. Now, I have not looked at the guys who asked if I was okay. I had no idea who they were, but I could hear them backing up their truck and moving into the left turn lane. I was just blocks from where Hubby was working and I was just planning on calling him to come get me. With these guys getting out of the truck I thought "great, some stinking good Samaritans." As the truck door opened and I turned to tell them I'd be fine, I saw the fire dept logo on the door. Oh, these were firemen. Oh, that's okay.

They insisted on calling for help and we ended up with firemen, police, and ambulance there. It was all very exciting. They cleaned my scraps and took my blood pressure and pulse. They kept asking me things like if I knew my name and what day it was. They were all extremely nice. I felt rather embarrassed by the whole thing, but everyone who showed up was awesome. At one point the cop asked if there was a car involved and the first fireman said no, she fell by herself. At that point I started laughing and everyone else did too. It was a tension relieving moment and one of the firemen said, "at least you can still laugh at yourself." They wanted to take me to the hospital in the ambulance and I really did not think that was necessary. I ended up going home with Hubby and telling them I would go to the doctor. I even made an appointment when I got home. But I ended up canceling it because once I laid down and relaxed I started to feel better.

So the injury report? Well, I banged my head pretty good and destroyed my helmet. My right forearm is scraped all to hell. My right knee is scraped and my left shin banged my pedal and has a nice knot. Apparently I took the majority of the fall on my right hip/butt cheek. It was the most sore thing yesterday. Today it's better but there is a mark where I scraped I think, and I'm sure there will be a nice bruise there. It's not coming up yet but I'm sure it will. I slept pretty good considering, but today I feel like I've been beat up. My back is sore, my neck is sore, my upper arms are sore, my shoulders hurt. I feel like I worked out for hours and hours. So it looks like I'll be taking it easy today. My agenda includes grading papers, walking the dogs and doing laundry and that's about all. Now, off to shower and take some ibuprofen.

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